February 2013: 10 Medical Breakthroughs


10 Medical Breakthroughs
From cancer-detecting wands to co-sleeping pods and lifelike mannequins, Milwaukee is forging a new wave of medical marvels. The future of health care starts now.
By Carolyn Bucior

Invisible No More
For six years, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has operated largely under the radar, becoming a national example, some say, of a new kind of prosecutor, one who focuses on reducing crime and improving the community. But have a series of high-profile cases tarnished the image?
By Erik Gunn

A Little Turbulence
General Mitchell International Airport was taking off for new heights. So how did it end up in a holding pattern, and where will an unorthodox downsizing plan leave Milwaukee travelers?
By Rich Rovito

Dry Spell
Farmers are living though the fallout of a historic drought.
By Corrinne Hess


A New Day for Gun Control?
Unspeakable violence is pushing lawmakers to act.
By Erik Gunn 

No Scrubs
The head of Wisconsin’s Medical Examining Board says the state has become a toilet bowl for foreign-trained doctors. But why?
By Abby Callard

Off the Racket
A top designer of tennis attire makes a home in West Allis.
By Claire Hanan

Love Machine
Dating returns to planet Earth.
By Tim McCormick

The Hangover
How lowball appraisals are wrecking sales in neighborhoods just rebounding from the housing slump..
By Kristine Hansen

Love Letters
This quirky selection of locally designed stationery might just inspire even the most tech-savvy texters to pick up a pen.
By Claire Hanan


Fenestration Nation
One Milwaukee love story opens a window into the city’s past.
By Liam Callanan


Foster for the People
Alverno Presents’ latest act showcases local artists reimagining the works of an American legend.
By Paul Kosidowski


Landmark Return
Now that BMO Harris Bradley Center has taken over Turner Hall Restaurant, will it become the pre- and postgame dining force to be reckoned with?
By Ann Christenson

Klatsch Course
Stone Creek Coffee’s freshly renovated headquarters puts the 20-year-old local roaster on a more competitive morning path.
By Ann Christenson


Burning Ambition
Meet Kurt Fogle, a pastry chef who didn’t arrive at his professional destination via the most linear of paths.
By Ann Christenson