Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy

Face of Integrated Rehabilitation and Fitness

Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy; (Left to right) Rachel Soo Hoo, DPT; Debbie Callif, OT, Third Ward Clinic Director; Bradley Meyer, DPT, Wauwatosa Clinic Director; Adam Beth, PTA; Joe Glostott, PTAl; Tommy Grabowski, DPT, Owner; Corey Larson, DPT; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

Vita Fitness and Physical Therapy stands apart as the premier physical therapy destination in Milwaukee, offering a unique fusion of rehabilitation and physical therapy services alongside medically guided fitness and personal training programs. With a dedicated team of licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, Vita crafts customized fitness plans to enhance clients’ health, prevent future injuries and promote long-term fitness.

“Our therapists are also trained to design fitness programs,” explains Dr. Tommy Grabowski, DPT, the owner and founder of Vita. “Being able to utilize our medical expertise from physical therapy, we can create specialized fitness programs tailored to individuals with unique needs. From youth to seniors, we guide them through the entire process, from injury rehabilitation to achieving optimal physical fitness.”

Grabowski founded Vita in 2004, after receiving his doctorate in physical therapy from Concordia University Wisconsin. The practice now has two locations – one in the Third Ward and the other in Wauwatosa. This year, Grabowski welcomed recognized occupational therapist Debbie Callif, who has over 27 years of experience in pelvic floor therapy. Callif’s expertise extends to a wide range of concerns, including incontinence, endometriosis, painful sex and other related issues. Grabowski acknowledges the importance of this specialized field. “Pelvic floor therapy is an underserved area, and we are privileged to have Debbie, a true leader in pelvic floor therapy, as an integral part of our team,” he says.

Vita also offers dry needling, assisted stretching and nutrition coaching. Grabowski and his team design customized plans considering each client’s history, medical conditions and aspirations, such as returning to the golf course, tennis court, swimming pool and more. “With us, you’re not just managing pain or getting back to baseline function,” Grabowski says. “We’re creating a fitness and prevention program to keep you healthy and active for years.”

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