Smart Moves

Face of Senior & Specialty Move Managers

Smart Moves; (Left to right) Leigh Anne Spears, Certified Move Manager; Melinda Stuart, owner, Certified Move Manager; Jenni Lewkowski, Certified Move Manager; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

In the spring of 2022, Linda Ravelo was downsizing from a large house to a much smaller apartment, a task she calls “herculean.” One of her friends recommended that she hire Smart Moves.

“My friend said, ‘Linda, they are worth every penny,’” says Ravelo. “‘You will get all the help you need.’”

Ravelo called Smart Moves and let them know that she needed quite a bit of help. One of Smart Moves’ certified move managers met with her to discuss her situation and create a personalized plan to match her needs. Smart Moves and its contracting partners first inventoried her possessions before packing everything, moving her things to her apartment, and then helping her dispose of her unwanted possessions. Every request she had along the way was met – including a special request to split the move across two days.

“Kindness permeates everyone in their organization,” Ravelo says. “I think it’s the heart and soul of their company. They are resourceful, kind, dependable and fair.”

Smart Moves specializes in moves for seniors, but the company offers moving services for everybody. The boutique service is hands-on and customized, unlike larger moving companies. Founded 20 years ago, Smart Moves begins each moving process with a complimentary consultation before putting together a plan. The team even measures their clients’ furniture to create a customized floor plan to exactly match the furnishings.

“We always want to take the extra steps to make sure everyone’s comfortable and happy,” says Melinda Stuart, the owner of Smart Moves. “Moving can be frantic. Our motto is to ‘bring the calm.’ We treat our clients with compassion and care.”

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