JLJ Travel

Face of Travel Planning

Jillian Gibas of JLJ Travel; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

JLJ Travel isn’t a traditional travel agency. Its founder, Jillian Gibas, doesn’t book package getaways or cookie-cutter, all-inclusive trips to Mexico. Her goal is personalization, a customized trip designed exactly for each client.

“In the same way an interior designer decorates your home, a travel designer helps to design your trip,” Gibas says. “When you look at how many hours and how much effort go into preparing a trip, it’s overwhelming. With a designer, you can just focus on enjoying yourself.”

Gibas does the legwork for every client, booking flights, finding hotels, planning schedules and more. Even more valuable, she provides travel expertise – whether that’s knowing the best season to visit a certain city or adding off-the-beaten path restaurants and shops to your itinerary. Members of the JLJ Travel team visit destinations frequently in search of the most up-to-date insider advice from locals.

Each JLJ Travel trip is built around a client’s needs and interests.

If you don’t like crowds, Gibas plots out ways to avoid them. If you love the outdoors, she finds hiking spots and maps out great views. Many couples come to her to design bespoke honeymoons, and she also plans family trips, anniversaries and much more. Recently, she designed a Greek islands getaway for a family of seven, spanning a range of ages. With her experience, she was able to balance the right mix of things to do for young and older so everyone could enjoy the experience.

“I’m not just going to show you what a guidebook is telling you to see,” Gibas says. “You’re going to see hidden gems.”