Dynamic Developments

Face of Leadership Development

Brian Hendricks; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

After a decade of experience leading organizational training and development, Ed Hendricks saw the impact that leaders and culture play on employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. In 1997, he started his own business called Dynamic Developments, with the goal of helping individuals grow into versatile leaders and helping organizations perform more efficiently through effective communication and performance development. This year, his son, Brian Hendricks, took over as CEO after eight years working under his father and remains committed to delivering on that goal. Dynamic Developments uses a full suite of customized workshops and one-on-one coaching that has helped dozens of corporate leaders and organizations improve their communication while creating positive cultures and engaged teams. “None of our workshops are cookie-cutter,” Brian says. “I think a lot of other training companies pull something off the shelf. For us, when we meet with clients, we customize the program to what the client really needs.”

Companies such as Allstate, Abbott Labs, AT&T and Blue Cross Blue Shield have all used their training, as well as many others. “Our emphasis is on interactive elements and providing you with practical tools you can use,” Hendricks says. “You leave our workshops with things that you can put into practice right away.”

One example is the “echo back” technique Hendricks teaches, a method of avoiding miscommunication. At the end of an important conversation, the leader respectfully encourages the other person to explain their understanding of what was said to ensure both people are on the same page. “I think the biggest thing that sets us apart is our personal touch,” Hendricks says. “We’re not just going to come in, do a workshop, and then you never hear from us again. We’re there for our clients, and we make a difference for them.”

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