Concept Co.

Face of Marketing Technology

(Left to right) Ashley Rastogi, Operations Manager; Michael Rooney, Account Executive; Laura Dobie Graphic, Design Intern; Migueal Lockhart, CTO & Development Director; Zach Beaman, CEO & Creative Director; Kevin Ciesielski, Digital Director; Jackie Dreyer, Lead Copywriter & SEO Specialist; Photo by Linda Smallpage, Boutique Photographer

Concept Co. exists to help businesses with what CEO and Creative Director Zach Beaman calls “The Big Shift.” That’s the shift from conventional thinking and traditional operations into a digital future. As a business-to-business digital growth agency, Concept Co. partners with companies seeking change. Concept Co. is hyper-focused on the manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, health care, insurance and construction industries.

“That means branding, business marketing, sales solutions, website development and technology integrations,” Beaman says.

At Concept Co., the team leads with strategy. They implement a tailored business ecosystem to provide the foundation for growth and long-term sustainability. They offer a balanced methodology combining data with creative communication.

Concept Co. is a team of creatives, programmers and storytellers with locations in Milwaukee and West Palm Beach, Florida. The agency continues to grow and is repeatedly recognized for its work providing digital solutions to businesses across the country.

“Our agency is built on a foundation of creative and technical leadership,” Beaman says. “We are driving the digital transformation.”

1433 N. WATER ST., SUITE 400 | 262-446-6823