December 2013: Small Plates


Think Small
Big portions get way too much credit. Small plates, as proven by 20 area restaurants, are often where chefs focus their creative prowess. And talk about a way to sample new things. A win-win.
By Ann Christenson

Fountain of Youth
Newaukee is a factory of events and big ideas. We dig in to find out what the young professional organization is all about, and what it isn’t.
By Matt Hrodey

Juke Box Hero
Childhood was not kind to Jeff Castelaz. But the indomitable disciple of music pulled himself out of abuse and neglect to run a major record label in L.A. Although not without devastating loss along the way.
By Tom Matthews


The Deep End
The Wave has all but drowned more than one businessman. Can Sue Black ride it?
By Howie Magner

New Shoots
More women are taking the lead in farming. Will one of the world’s most traditional professions accept them?
By Kristine Hansen

The Foreclosure Calvary
Public money helps pay for some of the best resources for homeowners facing foreclosure. Here’s how they go to bat for the little guys (and gals).
By Kristine Hansen

A Scanner Not So Darkly
A new generation of GE scanners creates an adventurous experience for the younger generation.
By Sara Rae Lancaster

Pop Rocks
Bling rings, earrings and other cool baubles.
By Claire Hanan / Style by Lizzy Lovas


Beerless in Brewtown
Teetotaler: one who abstains from alcohol. A worthy but challenging pursuit in this sudsy town.
By Mitch Teich


Young Blood
First Stage’s teen-focused Young Company does more than prime tomorrow’s acting talent.
By Paul Kosidowski


John Norquist
Former Mayor John Norquist talks transit and accomplishments, but not about the elephant in the room.
By Tim McCormick


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