Concept Co.

Face of Brand Marketing

Concept Co. (Left to right) Jackie Dreyer, Henry Cloran, Jack Nickeas, Zach Beaman, Migueal Lockhart, Kevin Ciesielski, Nick Pellechia, Jeremy Techtmann, Ashley Rastogi; Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage; Instagram: @boutiquephotographer | Facebook: Boutique Photographer | Linkedin: Linda Smallpage

After working for several marketing and web development agencies throughout the country, Zach Beaman and Migueal Lockhart had seen the same problems in the industry. “There was this old-school mentality in how these agencies operated,” Beaman says. “Most of these agencies had been born in traditional advertising and were seriously lacking in emerging digital strategy and web development.” After reuniting at a firm in Milwaukee, the duo decided to take a leap and founded Concept Co. Focused on helping businesses build a digital presence, the agency leaned in on the future of digital marketing and web development. As a startup, Concept Co. built their client base, working with well-known brands like Cabela’s and the Milwaukee Brewers – showcasing their talents in creative production, digital brand strategy and eCommerce development.

Beaman points to a recent custom development project as an exemplar of Concept Co.’s work. A sports technology startup who wanted to disrupt the digital trading card world – but didn’t know how. “That really showcased our capabilities across channels,” Beaman says. “We developed the entire platform in-house, including a complex API and the brand itself. We produced it and led the activation to market. It was a culmination of everything we’re capable of, and it’s become an extremely successful platform.”

Today, Concept Co. has locations in Milwaukee and West Palm Beach. As the agency grows so does its client base. The team is a collective of the most talented creatives, techs and storytellers with a passion for connecting brands with culture through digital brand marketing and experiential development.

1433 N. WATER ST. | 262-446-6823