Enchanted Forest

Growing up in a town of 60 residents, Timothy Westbrook might as well have been reared in Narnia. The town of Wanakena in northern New York is 45 minutes from the nearest McDonald’s. No stoplights, no cell phone reception. Westbrook’s elementary school was 15 miles away in a town decimated by mill closings. “Ninety-eight percent of the 500 kindergarten to 12th-grade kids were on the reduced-lunch program,” he claims. Bullying began quickly after Westbrook presented his Malibu Barbie at kindergarten show and tell. With his older sister watching over him at school, he endured. But when she graduated, Westbrook’s mother…

Lazy Susan

The mantra at Bay View’s Lazy Susan is to slow down, disconnect from the outside world and share a meal with friends. Sounds like the prescription for summer.