August 2018

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Beer and Cheese Guide
The meeting of two Wisconsin paragons. Read about industry trailblazers, sample our expert pairings and engross yourself in two evolving artisan cultures.
By Ann Christenson & Chris Drosner

Hey! It’s Danae!
Thousands of minds have ideas on how to help Milwaukee children. It’s Danae Davis’ job to bring everyone together and keep them focused on their mission.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton

Paradise Found
Building a sense of community is just as important as growing vegetables at Alice’s Garden.
By Anna Miller, photos by Sara Stathas

Getting Away With Arson
Someone burned down the East Side landmark Pizza Man – and other businesses and residences – eight years ago in what is now one of MKE’s highest-profile cold cases.
By Steven Potter



Revved Up
You’re invited to Harley-Davidson’s 115th birthday party!
By Lindsey Anderson

Get Lit
These guys want to light the Hoan Bridge and are hoping you’ll help them
do it.
By Adam Rogan

Blinded by Science
Cristina Costantini snagged a Sundance Festival Favorite award for a documentary inspired in part by her experiences at University School of Milwaukee.
By Duane Dudek

Acting Out
Taking stock of our state’s best-known summer stock theater
By Paul Kosidowski

The City of Festivals lives up to its name this month.

Fired Up
We’re coveting artist Janelle Gramling’s on-trend wall hangings right now.
By Lindsey Anderson

What’s Going on in West Allis
Has West Allis outgrown its run-down, lowbrow image?
By Lindsey Anderson



The Big Story: This Year, could even Glenn Grothman lose?
Congressman Glenn Grothman has never lost an election. Will a Democratic wave and a challenger named Kohl change that?
By Larry Sussman

Star Power
Meet the teen from Waukesha West who just became Wisconsin’s best-ever hardball prospect.
By Rich Rovito

Addicted to Speed
Officials are trying to crack down on Milwaukee’s robust illegal street racing scene.
By Adam Rogan



Coffee Cachet
At its new Downer cafe, Stone Creek displays its architectural and culinary evolution.
By Ann Christenson

Balmy Bay View
The Bay View Mediterranean restaurant redefines “cinema dining.”
By Ann Christenson

Pretzel Mania
Funny and breezy, The Pretzel Podcast also offers many, er, twists.
By Ann Christenson

Spiked and Fizzy
The spiked, bubbly local beverage perfect for patio sipping
By Ann Christenson

Ask Ann
Got a dining question? Our critic answers it.
By Ann Christenson



Goodbye, Old Friend
We say goodbye to the Bradley Center with a reflection on the good times had there, from Kiss to D-Wade, and five memorable moments from the arena’s history
By Dan Murphy

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