August 2016 Issue: Top Doctors


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Top Doctors
Your guide to the area’s best physicians – in 59 specialties – as chosen by their peers. Need help finding the doc to fit your needs? We’ve got strategies to pave the way.
By Maggie Ginsberg

Breaking Away
Motivated by a desire for religious freedom, nine former members of an obscure Anabaptist sect build a new life in northern Wisconsin.
By Mitch Teich

The New Crop
In Wisconsin farming, it’s go huge or go tiny, without much in between. Meet several folks who represent the changing face of agriculture in our state, with widely varying philosophies.
By Erik Gunn

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Editor-in-chief Carole Nicksin’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Carole Nicksin


The Donald
How paper cup kingpin Donald Baumgartner traded bigger profits for a clear conscience.
By Matt Hrodey

Highway Robbery
Car thefts have exploded, and victims are paying a steep price. 
By Claire Hanan 

Upper Crust
And lo, Barry Mandel said, “Let there be luxury apartments.” And there were luxury apartments.
By Matt Hrodey

Country Time 
State Fair by the numbers.
By Matt Hrodey

Message Alerts
How much contact should teachers have with their students?
By Claire Hanan

City for Sale
Promoting our civic greatness in 30 seconds or less. 
By Matt Hrodey

Cases Closed 
Milwaukee homicide clearance rates. 
By Matt Hrodey


Rugged Landscapes
You’ll want to set aside a morning to take in this expansive exhibit at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.
By Debra Brehmer

Rio Bound
Get to know two of the Wisconsin athletes heading south for this month’s Olympic Games.
By Zach Brooke

Amateur Hours
Inspired by those medal-seekers? Get active at your own pace with these area events.
By Emily Burton

Printed Protest
A Bay View artist illustrates the environmental and political issues du jour.
By Kristine Hansen

Modern Edge
Three local shops put their own spin on the midcentury modern trend, restoring vintage treasures.
By Claire Hanan 

Lobster Tale
A mini investigation of a street art mystery.
By Matt Hrodey

On the Fringe
A new arts festival showcases local, edgy ensembles with a little help from Willem Dafoe.
By Joshua M. Miller

What’s in A Name?
How five local bands chose their monikers.
By Kevin Mueller

10 ways to squeeze every last bit of summer out of August.
By Claire Hanan


Reading Myself
Young, depressed and at odds with the relentless cheeriness of Milwaukee in festival season, a woman turns to literature to help get her life back on course.
By Lauren Fox


Good on You
A new craft brewery places equal emphasis on beer and dining.
By Ann Christenson

Hot for These Dogs
Wisconsin’s first Portillo’s opened in July. Our dining critic gets schoooled on this Chi-town institution.
By Ann Christenson

Put An Egg On It
Five examples of how a yolk and white conspire to make the most lucious topping on the planet. By Ann Christenson

Cold Brew 101
Get a smooth, rich caffeine fix in three simple steps.
By Ann Christenson

A Safe House Found
With a new owner behind the dark glasses at this Downtown spy haven, the intrigue continues.
By Ann Christenson

Proud Quaffing
A review en miniature of Drink Wisconsinbly.
By Claire Hanan


Holler House
Five generations have contributed to the 11-decade legacy of this bar and bowling alley.
By Rich Rovito

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