August 2015: Top Doctors


Top Doctors
Our all-new list: The 553 best physicians in metro Milwaukee, chosen by their peers.
By Jon Anne Willow and Matt Hrodey | Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

Talking Shop
The Internet is changing the way retailers of all sizes think about how they’re selling clothing and accessories. Some are worried, others are shuttering, and many more are finding new ways to exploit our love of shopping. Who will be declared the winner?
By Claire Hanan

The New Immigrants
Curtiss, Wisconsin, was settled more than 150 years ago by Norwegians and Germans. Today, most of its residents are from Mexico. Yet the divergent paths of immigration to this outstate farm town are more similar than you would think.
By Barbara Miner | Photos by Ackerman + Gruber

Nip & Tuck
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Idle Hands
Staying busy and well-connected to rehabilitative services is a luxury in Wisconsin’s prison system, not the rule.
By Matt Hrodey

Local Wit
Eric Von’s return to radio.
By Erik Gunn

The Parking Game
By Matt Hrodey

Hot for Heironymus
How a movie censor at first succeeded, but ultimately failed, at keeping Milwaukee pornography-free.
By Matthew J. Prigge

Dry Eyes
Competitive swimming meets Blade Runner.
By Sue Pierman

What the Flock?
By Howie Magner

After the Gold Rush
The Art Institute’s closing marks the end of a heyday for for-profit colleges.
By Rich Rovito

Career Arc: Dustin Diamond
By Matt Hrodey


The New Classic
A little self-doubt has gone a long way for this local rapper’s career.
By Kevin Mueller

Rebel Yell
By Debra Brehmer

Fashionable Flora
A a DIY primer for creating a Pinterest-worthy piece of home decor.
By Claire Hanan | Photo by Adam Ryan Morris

Cultural Custodian
Samir Wahhab has been caretaker of the Pabst Theater for 40 years. He isn’t slowing down.
By Dan Shafer

To Edwin, with love
By Paul Kosidowski

Lake of the Irish
Paddling an Irish “church” in Lake Michigan’s choppy waters is not a pleasure sport.
By Dan Simmons

Budding Maturity
By Sarah C. Lange

Events Calendar
August’s can’t-miss happenings.
By Claire Hanan

Bite of Bollywood
By Claire Hanan


Faith No More
A skeptic rejects what cannot be proved.
By Mario Quadracci


In Good Company
Riverwest’s new brewery-restaurant comes from the very heart of DIY ingenuity.
By Ann Christenson

Hot House
Jefferson Street’s Peking House doesn’t shy away from flavors — or the signs of authenticity.
By Ann Christenson

Pop Life
Pete’s Pops are not your average frozen treats-on-a-stick.
By Ann Christenson

The Recipe Files
A team of MPL librarians has the delectable task of digitizing recipe history.
By Ann Christenson

Readers’ Choice Dining Awards
We know how to make you talk. It’s through your stomach.


Willie G. Davidson designed Harley Davidson motorcycles for a half-century. At age 82, he hasn’t let off the throttle.
By Rich Rovito

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