August 2014: Best Breakfasts


Crack of Dawn
We have nothing but accolades for these top-of-the-morning standouts, served up in geographic pecking order.
By Ann Christenson

The Aftermath
The dust is still settling from the contentious 2011 battle over Act 10. And both sides are looking for ways to work together, despite lingering feelings of uncertainty and mistrust.
By Erik Gunn

A House Divided
When iconoclastic artist Mary Nohl died in 2001, she left nearly $10 million to Wisconsin artists and a trove of original art. Plans were made to turn her beachfront house into a small museum. But a handful of neighbors resisted. Now Nohl’s house – and her legacy – will be dismantled and moved to Sheboygan County.
By Matthew Reddin


Dillinger 2.0
A robbery at a suburban bank is only the tip of a rather large and troubling iceberg.
By Matt Hrodey 

The Bus To Nowhere
Will we ever get a dedicated funding source for (gasp!) public transit?
By Larry Sandler

How The Cookies Crumbled
We chewed a lot of chaff to find these local bakery favorites.
By Ann Christenson 

Where The Heart Is
For some, a building on Center Street is the only thing standing between their lives and homelessness.
By Aimee Robinson

Please Let Us Help You
Inside the anti-abortion clinics at war with Planned Parenthood.
By Matt Hrodey

Town Criers
As community news outlets disappear, a new breed of hyperlocal websites springs up.
By Jane Hampden

Candy Crush
Invigorate your late-summer wardrobe with handbags in electric hues and snappy patterns.
By Claire Hanan


Guardian Angel
Even when he wasn’t around, her uncle made her feel safe. Years later, she made it up to him by honoring his last request.
By Judy Bridges


One-Horned Wonder
Timothy Westbrook has constructed a fantasy land grounded in environmental and historical realities.
By Claire Hanan 

Best Bets: August
Our staff picks for the best August in Milwaukee has to offer in music, film, art, and more.


Rev. Willie Brisco
As a religious activist, the Rev. Willie Brisco doesn’t hold back. Bluntness is his battle-ax against racism and poverty.
By Barbara Miner