April 2018

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Top Places to Live
Here’s the definitive guide to finding the right home fit for you, whether you want a smaller or larger footprint, an urban experience or lots of green space.
By Kristine Hansen

The New Land
Immigration built Milwaukee into an economic powerhouse in generations past. The current generation of newcomers is changing it again.
By Barbara Miner

Saint Solanus?
A priest born in western Wisconsin and ordained in Milwaukee more than a century ago stands on the edge of sainthood. Here’s how he got there.
By Matthew J. Prigge


The Future Is Now
Get ready to root, root, root for the home team at Miller Park this year.
By Chris Drosner

Minute Man
“Manitowoc Minute” comedian Charlie Berens talks about his Sconnie sense of humor.
By Alyssa Prouty

Photo Finish
Photographer Dick Blau brings Plankinton Avenue into focus at an exhibition opening this month.
By Hailey McLaughlin

Hands-on Healing
Painting could be good for your health, according to local art therapists.
By Lindsey Anderson

Tosa Time
An insider’s guide to Wauwatosa
By Karisa Langlo

Home Tour: Boathouse Captures Nautical Spirit
The designer of a Pewaukee Lake boat house lets the outdoors in.
By Kristine Hansen

April showers can’t keep us away from the month’s must-see events.
By Lindsey Anderson


Lead Weight
The fall of the city’s long-serving health commissioner
By Matt Hrodey

Q: What happens to all the road salt?
How the city has salted itself to the brink
By Matt Hrodey

Our Biggest…
The enormous, the huge, the biggest in town!

How the Deal Came Together: 33rd and Center
A quiet housing development with epic plans
By Matt Hrodey

The ‘Out’ Heard Round the World
The Big Story: A local priest’s decision to come out as gay
By Tom Tolan


Hot Diggity
Eight places to get a good hot dog in this brat-obsessed town
By Ann Christenson

Local Couple Helps You Grow Your Own
This local couple can give your vegetable gardening skills a boost.
By Ann Christenson

Bigger Nights
The East Side’s SALA kicks o its 17th year of serving up pasta di mare by making some needed cosmetic changes.
By Ann Christenson

Experimentation is the Mantra at Twisted Path
The new tasting room at Twisted Path Distillery endeavors to make cocktail-imbibing more of an exploration.
By Elizabeth Elving

Cold as Ice
Step up your cocktail ice game with these slow-melting, hand-cut cubes.
By Ann Christenson

Two Doctors Brew Up a Big Side Hustle
Waukesha’s busy brewmasters at Raised Grain balance practicing medicine and making delicious beer.
By Dan Murphy

Ask Ann
Ask Ann tackles a compelling question about Milwaukee dining history.
By Ann Christenson


Arrivaderci, Bruno
The guilt and grief woven into the loss of a four-legged friend is perhaps best assuaged by another canine companion.
By Dan Simmons

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