April 2016: Best Global Dining

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Best Ethnic Restaurants
Leaving on a jetplane, in your stomach. There’s no need to pack anything but your appetite for these global goodies.
By Ann Christenson

Setting a High Bar
A charter, a voucher and Reagan walk into a classroom. High school kids in Milwaukee have more options than ever. We look at three schools with one common theme: student success.
By Maureen Post | Photos by Sara Stathas 

What Will Happen to the Marcus Center?
A whole lot of questions, fiscal and otherwise, surround the future of our performing arts venue. We survey the current challenged — “bollixed circumstances,” as one county supervisor put it.
By Larry Sandler

Home Plates
Managing editor Daniel Simmons’ April letter to our readers.
By Daniel Simmons


Star Defense
The next chapter in Frank Jude’s complicated life.
By Matt Hrodey

The Joneses
How to meet neighbors you never knew and borrow their stuff.

By Claire Hanan

Catching Fire
Photo: Aaron Cergol and his hand-built forge.
By Matt Hrodey | Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

Playing With Blocks
The man charged with “rebuilding” the Brewers.
By Kyle Lobner

Event Horizon
By Tom Tolan

Decisions, Decisions
The hottest lips leaning in for a kiss on April 5.
By Matt Hrodey


Audio Animators
The music-video maestros helping put Milwaukee’s sound on the map.
By Kevin Mueller

Wilde Space
By Paul Kosidowski

Artist Melissa Ebbe finds inspiration in the zombie apocalypse.
By Zach Brooke

Gear Galore
Boots, backpacks and knives abound at this Whitefish Bay retailer.
By Joan Kazan

News Dump
Check out our predecessor, Let’s See, which was published from 1956-1972.
By Claire Hanan

Air Head
Photo: Hand-crafted diving helmets made in the Third Ward.
By Claire Hanan

New Wave
Twins Larry and Lee Williams are living the surfer’s dream — in Sheboygan.
By Kristine Hanson

Fast Five: Olson House
By Jonathan Powell

April’s cultural happenings and athletic adventures.
By Claire Hanan

War Secrets
By Paul Kosidowski


Paper Cuts
A longtime journalist ponders whether to recommend a reporter’s life to the young.
By Bill Lueders 


The Grater Good
Cohabiting businesses Iron Grate BBQ and Hawthorne Coffee Roasters draw from each other’s strengths.
By Ann Christenson

A Significant Dip
By Molly Rippinger

Cocktail Hour
Bourbon replaces Wisco’s beloved brandy in this simply solid old fashioned.
By Ann Christenson

All the Brew Ha Ha
The owner of the city’s first “self-brewery has lots of foamy advice. Some snippets:
By Ann Christenson


A Milwaukee teacher, Luke McAvoy, earlier told his college football teammates he’s gay. Recently he told the world his secret, too.
By Amber Jorgenson


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