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You Say You Want a Revolution
Biking in Milwaukee has never been as popular as it is today. The city enjoys miles of bucolic trails, newly installed off-road paths, bike lanes stretching in just about every direction and organized rides that guarantee a good time. Throw in a thriving, dedicated cycling community, and Milwaukee is ready to roll.
Edited by Tim McCormick

Country Homes, City Ties
Milwaukee can be a magnet for those who crave the best of both worlds. Appreciating the pastoral serenity of the country and the hustle-bustle buzz of the city need not be mutually exclusive. Although discussions about the political polarization of southeastern Wisconsin often pit suburbs against city or rural against urban, the benefits of both ways of life make the debate almost irrelevant. In fact, many homeowners who have chosen a countrified lifestyle have also found strong and vital connection to all that the city has to offer.
By Sara Rae Lancaster

In a Flash
For 30 years, two of the state’s most acclaimed photographers captured, in shadows and light, the everyday freakishness of Wisconsin’s people and places. A portrait of the artists.
By Claire Hanan

Pulse of the City
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Stepping In It
When good pols go bad.
By Matt Hrodey

The lost story of Milwaukee’s (foot-powered) subway.
By Aimee Robinson

Shuffling the Deck
The Brewers face a possible changing of the guard.
By Kyle Lobner

Legal Eagles
The 2016 race few people are talking about — city attorney for Milwaukee — could become a brawl.
By Larry Sandler

Edited by Ann Christenson

Shrinking the Digital Footprint
Marketers, employers and creditors can track your private data. But there are ways to limit the exposure.
By Jon Anne Willow

Living Legacy
Part of her liver works in her nephew, and they’re both alive to share the gift.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

Printed Pride
Yes, yes, we know you love Milwaukee. We do, too. That’s why we found these locally made Wisco-centric tees, in designs and colors of all stripes.
By Claire Hanan


The Healing Power of Pot
Medical marijuana can be a wonder drug for kids with severe epilepsy. So why are Wisconsin legislators stonewalling debate on the drug’s health benefits?
By Mario Quadracci


Lady Libre
A pile-driving plot with a dose of role reversal incorporates Milwaukee’s Mexican heritage.
By Paul Kosidowski

Best Bets: April
From Quincy Jones to Wild Space Dance.


Spirit of Adventure
Quizzically named Meraki tries to distinguish itself on the city’s uber-drag for hot restaurants.
By Ann Christenson

Making the Rounds
Riverwest Pizza gives its ‘za true neighborhood appeal.
By Ann Christenson

Under Deconstruction
The menu at C.1880 in Walker’s Point is full of works of beauty, like chef/owner Thomas Hauck’s foie gras au torchon. We took a close look at the dish here.
By Ann Christenson


Mark Bucher
Mark Bucher is happy to chat about Boulevard Theatre’s peripatetic existence.
By Colleen Duvall

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