Dead Right It’s going to be dynamite. Get your condos now. – Third Ward President Jack Gardner, August 1986. Love him or hate him, [Mark] Belling appears to be more than a passing fad. – Writer Mary Van de Kamp Nohl, February 1991. Bud’s daughter is moving fast at Foley & Lardner, but her future […]

Dead Right

It’s going to be dynamite. Get your condos now.
– Third Ward President Jack Gardner, August 1986.

Love him or hate him, [Mark] Belling appears to be more than a passing fad.
– Writer Mary Van de Kamp Nohl, February 1991.

Bud’s daughter is moving fast at Foley & Lardner, but her future may be in baseball.
– “Predictions for the New Decade,” on Wendy Selig-Prieb, January 1990.

Likely to mature into a successor to John McCullough as dean of Milwaukee’s broadcast media.
– Same story’s forecast for WTMJ-TV anchor Mike Gousha.

Light rail is dead and someone should drive a stake through its heart.
– Joe Greco, village president of Menomonee Falls, February 1998.

Look at County Stadium and what a valley location has done since 1953. How much spin-off has there been – a couple bars?
– Then-state legislator Margaret Farrow, on why Miller Park should be Downtown, April 1996.

The next mayor… I’d say Tom Barrett. He could run for governor, lose, and still be a very viable candidate.
– Politico Fred Kessler, July 2001.

The hope is that it will not only get Milwaukeeans into the museum, but make the site a destination, a gathering place and a cultural icon.
– Milwaukee Art Museum President P. Michael Mahoney, on the proposed Calatrava addition, April 1996.

There are a lot of kids who are going to have a lot of trouble in the classroom.
– Marquette University education professor Robert Fox, on the impact of lead poisoning, January 1991.

Once the three-year honeymoon period on a new stadium wears off, only one thing will keep attendance up: a competitive team.
– January 2004 story. (The Brewers, now very competitive, set an attendance record in 2007.)

Hotel Metro… could start a mini-revival of a street [Milwaukee Street] that for a long time looked nearly abandoned.
– Best of Milwaukee, August 1997.

It’s going to take some time to work this thing out.
– A U.S. Marine from Milwaukee on the war in Iraq, March 2005.

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Dead Wrong

We thought it would be fun for a few months, that nothing else would come of it.
– Drummer Victor DeLorenzo, July 1994, on starting the Violent Femmes, which is now an internationally known band.

In 10 years, it will be the symbol of the city.
– Milwaukee Art Museum curator Russell Bowman, on the di Suvero sculpture, October 1983.

It could be the biggest traffic jam in the history of Milwaukee… certainly the longest.
– Bruce Murphy, April 1987, on a Marquette Interchange fix-up, predicting a traffic pileup that never happened.

East Coasters will stop mistaking Milwaukee for Minneapolis.
– “Predictions for the New Decade,” January 1990.

The overall cooling trend is unmistakable.
– UW-Madison climatologist Reid Bryson, boldly predicting a looming ice age rather than global warming, May 1990.

Dwellers on the frantic coasts are desperate for what the Midwest has enjoyed all along… Milwaukee … is becoming a torch, beckoning these huddled survivors.
– Writer Stephen Filmanowicz, January 1992, predicting a wave that never came.

Eight to 12 years out, I wouldn’t be surprised if [businessman Tom Hefty] runs for governor.
– Anonymous observer in “Power Brokers,” February 1993.

I think Theatre X will survive us.
– Theatre X artistic director John Schneider, May 1994. (Infighting between Schneider and others killed the group in 2004.)

I’m not going anywhere. I love this job.
Journal Sentinel Editor Mary Jo Meisner, October 1995, two years before she left the paper.

[Mike] Deane may be the closest thing Marquette has had to [Al] McGuire.
– Writer Pat Fitzmaurice, January 1999. (Deane was soon fired.)

In 10 years Charlie [Sykes] will be more liberal than he is today.
– Public relations man Evan Zeppos, July 2000.

If it were done in war, the people who subject their enemies to treatment like this would be tried as war criminals.
– Writer Bill Lueders on the Supermax prison’s treatment of inmates, August 2000.

I wouldn’t mind some minor movie roles. But if I don’t make that, I could always go back to playing colleges.
– TV comedian Frank Caliendo, while assessing his career prospects, March 2001.

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The More Things Change…

[After] its seemingly endless search to find a ‘conservative columnist’… The Journal announced it had failed.
– Pressroom, December 1984. (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinelhad to pull Patrick McIlheran from the design desk to get a conservative columnist in 2005.)

Bob Habush … wins points for high visibility, thanks to his massive advertising campaign.
– Best Lawyers story, February 1985.

By God, if we don’t get that younger audience, we’re doomed.
Journal Editor Dick Leonard, September 1985.

Where oh where are the Saks Fifth Avenues and the Neiman Marcuses?
– February 1987 story on shopping malls.

A city without quality, first-run movies playing Downtown looks like a dead city.
– Writer George Gonis, January 1990.

There is a greater market for large-size clothing in Milwaukee than in other parts of the country.
– Department store manager in “Fat City,” October 1995.

The Shepherd Express has … internal squabbles that can be more interesting than the newspaper itself.
– Pressroom columnist Peter Robertson, June 1997.

Huh? Quotes from Left Field:

Racine will be turned into a parking lot, which is okay.
– Charlie Sykes, January 1986.

Most agree that the House of Correction is an ideal place to make a movie.
– Writer Perry Lamek, on the filming of Major Leaguein Milwaukee, March 1989.

I don’t think there will ever be another… You might see something like it in Asia some day.
– Al McGuire on the MECCA floor, October 1989.

Maybe somebody’s wife comes up with the pattern at the kitchen table.
– A state bureaucrat explaining how freeway sound barriers are designed, November 1994.

Gray hair has more body.
– Mary Van de Kamp Nohl on aging baby boomers, February 1998.

I can’t go right off the dribble – too much left hand.
– Republican Gov. Scott McCallum, September 2002.