5 Reasons to Apply for Our Editorial Internship

If you’re in school, this is a great opportunity!

HEY, FOLKS. I’m the managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine. I’m here to tell you why you should apply to our editorial internship.

“Who is this guy to tell me anything,” you might be thinking. “I bet he’s a poorly-dressed, sleep deprived short dude who doesn’t even have any experience with this internship.”

Well, you may be right on the first three points, but you’re wrong on the last one. I actually have extensive experience with this internship. Many years ago, when I was just a young, naïve college student, I interned here for a summer. And then I turned that awesome experience into a freelancing gig with the magazine, which then turned into me becoming the managing editor in 2019. And I’m not the only former intern who got a job out of it – our Associate Digital Editor Brianna Schubert was an intern herself a little over two years ago.  

I’ve gotten to do so many amazing things with this magazine, including writing cover stories about Charlie Berens and Bobby Portis, two of the coolest experiences of my life. Maybe this sounds corny, but that was only possible because of the experience, mentorship and connections I found through this internship. I had a great time in college (shoutout Mod36B, The Factory!), but I have to say that I learned more, and got more hands-on experience in just three months at Milwaukee Magazine than in four years of classes.

And one thing I learned was that listicles usually get higher clicks than running text on digital articles, so for that purpose, here are five reasons you should apply to our editorial internship:

  1. You Won’t Be Getting Coffee. Our interns do real, valuable work for the magazine. You’re going to be writing at least one article a week, including some of our most-clicked stories, like our weekend guides. Plus, you’ll be fact-checking the stories that go into our print magazine, interviewing sources and doing research for editorial projects. We rely on our interns for tons of important work that directly contributes to our magazine. During my internship, I even got to cover the opioid epidemic. I interviewed an official from the medical examiner’s office about the dangers of mixed-use drug overdoses, and the story was published in our print magazine.
  2. Your Resume Is Going to Look Waaay Better After This. I still remember that awful feeling when I had nothing to put on my resume except the school paper and my part-time job at the dining hall. After I did this internship, I had dozens of articles to my name, published in print and online with a reputable publication. I had long-time editors willing to be my references. I had hours of experience reporting. For the first time in my life, hiring managers were actually a little impressed by what I had on my resume. With some effort at this internship, you can build up a collection of clips and experience that’ll take your resume to another level.
  3. It’s Fun and Exciting! Seriously, I’m not just saying that because I’m trying to recruit you to apply (which I absolutely am). I had a great time as an intern. I got to explore Milwaukee, cover awesome events, interview cool artists. Best of all, I could pitch stories about anything that interested me, as long as it had to do with Milwaukee. That meant cool historic stuff, silly stories about weird events and even much more serious articles about complex issues. Not a lot of internships offer anywhere near that breadth of opportunity.
  4. You’ll Make Connections. Networking is really, really important. I know it’s a stupid buzzword, but honestly it is. If someone reliable can vouch for you, your chances of getting a job skyrocket. And this internship is a way to form those connections. Our staff is made up of talented reporters, designers, editors and folks who have been the industry for years. (I’m kinda a loser, if we’re being completely straight here, but everyone else is great!). The internship will give you the chance to work with those potential mentors.
  5. You’ll Learn Valuable Skills Firsthand. When I started this internship, I was scared to even pick up a phone for a fact check, genuinely. I kept imagining some insane man on the other end screaming obscenities at me when I asked him if his name was spelled correctly. Now I call like five strangers a day, minimum, no problem. That’s just one skill I learned at the internship. Another crucial one: deadlines and time management. Collaborating with a team. Dealing with critical feedback. You’ll learn all that and way more firsthand, through the work you’re doing, which is much more valuable than hearing about these things in a seminar.

If you’re a college student and are eligible to receive credit for this internship, the summer application is open now. We’d love for you to apply! Just click here to fill out the application, and if you have any questions, you can email me at aparquette@milwaukeemag.com.

We Also Have a Social Media Internship!

Oh hey! Associate digital editor Brianna Schubert and digital and culture editor Alli Watters here. 👋 We’re sneaking our way into Archer’s article to briefly but enthusiastically tell you about our Social Media Internship. This internship will give you first-hand experience engaging with readers and promoting our brand across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also get to brainstorm new and fun ways to grow our audience and maximize our brand – whether that’s through attention-grabbing Instagram Reels, creatively crafted Tweets or some new social media feature that us editors don’t even know about yet. And maybe the best part, you’ll get to explore Milwaukee, taking photos and videos of the city and all the cool stuff going on here. Sound fun? Apply here. And if you have any questions, email Alli at awatters@milwaukeemag.com. 



Archer is the managing editor at Milwaukee Magazine. Some say he is a great warrior and prophet, a man of boundless sight in a world gone blind, a denizen of truth and goodness, a beacon of hope shining bright in this dark world. Others say he smells like cheese.