November 2016 Issue: The China Connection

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China’s Town
Milwaukee’s raked in huge investments from China. But first, locals had to learn the culture (green hats are a no-no) and define our foreign brand to the world’s most populous country.
By Daniel Simmons

Risk Taker in Chief
What is new director Marcelle Polednik’s vision for the Milwaukee Art Museum? Polednik fields a range of probing questions, from layoffs to leadership.
By Carole Nicksin

16 Things Every Wisconsinite Needs to Know
We know you may be a life-long resident, but do you know how to play bar dice, make an old fashioned or understand what makes frozen custard different from ice cream? Consider this required reading.
By Dan Murphy


The Pistol Tax
The high cost of the city’s gun epidemic.

By Mario Quadracci

Golden Boy
Oak Creek has had an enviable year. What’s next for its mayor?
By Matt Hrodey

On the Rise: Greenwich Rise Apartments
A mixed-income community.
By Matt Hrodey

5 Things to Know About the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition
Busting the myths about Muslim women.
By Larry Sandler

Location, Location, Location
Why is it still so difficult for inner city residents to take out a mortgage?
By Claire Hanan

A Potty for Puppies
A designated spot at the airport for dogs to do their business.
By Matt Hrodey


Common Thread
This sister act is adding a classical element to the contemporary music scene.
By Steph Kilen

Mystery Meet
A literary conference for readers with dangerously wild imaginations.
By Zach Brooke

All That Glitters
A New York costume designer returns to Milwaukee to pump up the sparkle in this month’s Skylight performance.
By Claire Hanan

Blanket Statement
These are not your grandmother’s quilts.
By Steph Kilen

Playing with Fire
A fireplace for apartment dwellers.
By Paul Kosidowski

Sip, dance, run. This November we’ve got scads of ways to keep you warm.
By Claire Hanan


Bold Move
A Sherman Park mold palace gets a makeover.
By Laura Marshall


Metro Redux
With Pastiche bistro in the house, is the 18-year-old Hotel Metro poised for a rebirth?
By Ann Christenson

Tossed in the Ring
Newcomer Fixture Pizza Pub adds its own model to the local pizza lexicon.
By Ann Christenson

Hot Chocolates
The confection that woos, soothes and inspires. Indulge in these local sweets made from the cacao bean.
By Ann Christenson

Ruffling Some Feathers
Considering forgoing the conventional supermarket turkey for a heritage-breed bird? Here’s where you can get your hands on one, the cooking tips you’ll need, and tools to help get that showpiece out to the table.
By Ann Christenson


Kangaroo Brands
How a craving for tastier pita grew into a national brand.
By Rich Rovito

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