What Is Happening at Franklin’s Marcus Showtime Value Cinema?

The property is listed as “For Sale,” but the cinema is also considering reopening.

The future of the Marcus Showtime Value Cinema in Franklin appears cloudy, at best.

The theater was temporarily shut down during the pandemic and its doors currently remain closed. The website claims, “we are making plans to reopen soon!” But if you drive past the property at 8910 S. 102nd St., you’ll see a sign listing it for sale.

“In addition to operating the cinema, Marcus Theatres owns the real estate,” Marcus Theatres spokeswoman Mari Randa said. “Given that the theater is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to explore potential interest from purchasers without interrupting business operations.”

The company hasn’t ruled out a reopening of the theater if a suitable buyer for the site isn’t found, Randa insisted.



Marcus Showtime Value Cinema; Photo by Allison Garcia

“Although we are open to the exploration of other uses, we are not ruling out the possibility of reopening the theater once we are able to return to normal business operations,” she said. “Remember, this is a value cinema which means there needs to be a regular flow of new movie releases at first-run theaters before those films arrive at a second-run theater like Showtime.”

Randa said Marcus is excited that the volume of new movie releases is quickly increasing heading into the season.

“But we are not at a point where there is an opening date for this theater,” she said.

The cinema’s website states that the theater is currently closed but that it is making plans to “reopen soon.”

A property listing on the website of commercial real estate firm Newmark describes the property as a first-run movie theater that is “now closed” and offers an “amazing redevelopment opportunity.” The 54,388-square-foot building that houses the theater is located on a 13-acre parcel. The list price for the property is $4.7 million.



Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.