Tapas/Small Plates

1716 N Arlington Pl, Milwaukee, WI, United States
Walker’s Point and Bay View may be known for small plates, but the East Side offers its ren...
415 Genesee St., Suite 1
This modern hotel restaurant serves a sophisticated yet approachable menu.   The 10-year-old...
125 E. National Ave. Milwaukee WI
The global menu at Peter Sandroni??s always-busy Walker??s Point haunt highlights India to Italy,...
524 S. Second St. Milwaukee WI
The Spanish-influenced plates are small, but the flavors are not. The interior says ??reclaimed o...
2352 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Milwaukee WI
The menu is diverse, most definitely not odd. Bein?? inventive might be the prerequisite for work...
Snack Bous.jpg
814 S 2nd Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 United States.
A decorative thread of 1980s neon and poster art filters through this offbeat Walker’s Poin...
217 N. Broadway Milwaukee WI
Open For Lunch, Outdoor Dining, Reservations Taken,
105 S. Main St. Thiensville WI
cheel/चील/chĭl/ noun: Nepalese word for an eagle; a large bird of prey with a long broad wings, r...
815 East Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI, United States
Has brought light back to the old Bosley on Brady space. Chef/owner Dane Baldwin (of Harbor House...
1818 N Hubbard St, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Seasonal menu features things like cheese and charcuterie, charred octopus and Korean beef tartar...
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