Ned's Pizza

3246 S. 27th St. Milwaukee WI
3246 S. 27th St. Milwaukee Wisconsin 53215 US
(414) 645-2400(414) 645-2400

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3400 S. 27th St. Milwaukee WI 0.17 mi

Open For Lunch,

3086 S. 20th St. Milwaukee WI 0.52 mi
(414) 643-6995(414) 643-6995

Open For Lunch, Reservations Taken,

3401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215, United States 0.94 mi

At Bombay Sweets, you can build a very respectable meatless meal from the vegetarian platters, curries and rice specialties served at this simple showroom of sit-down-and-carryout foods. It’s also a hub for Indian snacks – salty and sweet, nutty and gooey, gelatinous and creamy and every mouth sensation in between.

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2001 W Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI, United States 1.29 mi

How do we love chorizo? Let us count the ways. First and foremost, not too sweet, like we’re eating a spicebread. The crumbled, deep-red chorizo gets a quick griddlefry, activating the smoky flavor and giving it a nicely charred/mashed texture that makes a firm pocket inside the warm, griddle-fried corn tortillas at charming little El Tsunami Taqueria Y Mariscos.

5025 Forest Home Ave. Milwaukee WI 1.5 mi
(414) 543-4606(414) 543-4606

Cash only

1332 W. Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee WI 1.52 mi

Entertainment, Friday Fish Fry, Late Night Dining, Open For Lunch, Reservations Taken,

5101 W. Oklahoma Ave Milwaukee WI 1.58 mi

An institution that’s served fish fries since the 1960s. Order the Serbian-style cod or all-you-can-eat fried haddock with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Food served Fridays only.

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1901 S. 31st St. Milwaukee WI 1.72 mi
(414) 385-9538(414) 385-9538

Late Night Dining, Open for Breakfast, Open For Lunch, Reservations Taken,

821 W. Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee WI 1.76 mi

Open For Lunch,

565 West Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207, United States 1.89 mi

One of your first sights upon entering Carnitas Don Lucho is the counter. Yes, there’s an unseen kitchen in this space, but at the counter where you place your order, you will marvel at the glistening pork carnitas, the butt cooking right there, hunks of which are lopped off and sold by the pound. The tender confit-like meat is akin to manna folded inside large, fresh corn tortillas. Drizzle fresh lime and Lucho’s smoky pasilla chile salsa (one of up to six sauces) over the meat. The taco doesn’t need much more to enhance the flavor.

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