Eleven questions, one for each of Summerfest's stages. How well will you perform?

Which Wisconsin-native act has had the most performances on the main stage?

At least 20 different people have called themselves a BoDean since the rock group formed in Waukesha in 1983. Their big break came in 1993 when "Closer to Free" peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, leading to the song getting tabbed as the intro for the family drama "Party of Five" and its use in the film "Heavyweights," starring Ben Stiller.

Which 2018 American Family Insurance Amphitheater act has the cheapest tickets?

Halsey and Logic's co-concert on June 29 only costs $59 to get onto the newly named L.L. Bean Lawn. It's not bad, even though we miss the days of free admission. C'est la Summerfest.

Which comedian was arrested for peforming their “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” bit at Summerfest 1972?

Thunderstorms all-but soiled Summerfest 1972, but memory of it wasn't washed away — even though Fats Domino's performance was cancelled and the city had to dig emergency trenches to avoid flooding. A Milwaukee police officer, along with wife and child, had braved the storms to attend Carlin's performance, but left early to call in backup. Carlin (after allegedly dumping a morsel of cocaine) was arrested, but charges were later dropped.

Which Milwaukee Brewers manager did longtime Summerfest director Bo Black marry?

Trebelhorn is the only Brew Crew manager with an above .500 winning percentage between 1984 and 2008. He also won the heart of Bo Black, the Summerfest director who was controversially let go in 2003. They remain married to this day.

At the very first Summerfest, how many different locations hosted at least one act?

Which brewery first built and sponsored a stage at Henry Maier Festival Park?

The High Life Jazz Oasis stage was built in 1971 by Miller. Schlitz and Pabst joined in with stages of their own in '74. Miller still sponsors a stage, the Miller Lite Oasis, which will host acts like Marshmello (June 28), Third Eye Blind (June 30), Foster the People (July 3), and Kesha (July 4) in 2018.

At their busiest, approximately how many people are queueing for the bathroom across the entire grounds at any given moment?

We did the math back in 2016: Read on for more stats from that year.

Which of the following nibbles is ordered the most per year?

33,531 dogs and brats, 43,822 scoops of frozen sugary goodness, 12,797 baskets of curds aren't enough to knock off burgers from the No. 1 spot. In 2015, 52,621 burgers were ordered over 11 days. That's approximately 18,627,834 calories, or enough energy to drive a Tesla about 86 miles. If only...

Which band's 2013 free stage appearance allegedly forced Summerfest to open the gates early to prevent overcrowding?

Summerfest officially denied the incident, although both the Milwaukee Business Journal and the Journal Sentinel reported on massive crowding and clogged exits on Saturday, June 29, 2013. Regardless, Imagine Dragons played an incredibly well attended show at Miller Lite Oasis that night.

After whose concert did approximately 300 people get arrested?

Tear gas was reportedly used to disperse a rioting crowd that had started a bonfire and overturned beer carts. What a waste. Just three years later, Sly Stone refused to perform unless he was provided more weed. "Summerfest does not talk about this night," wrote musician Gary Christensen in a Facebook post a few years ago. Christensen had played with the opening band, Yesterday's Children from Kenosha. Summerfest Executive Director and former Green Bay Packer Henry Jordan steered away from rock groups in the following years, hoping to avoid another such incident.

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In a given year, approximately how many people will ride the Skyglider?

Photo courtesy of Summerfest

About 830,000 people will go to Summerfest this year. And more than 10 percent of them will cough up the $5-$8 to soar.