Meet the Milwaukee Magazine Team

Carole Nicksin

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: My favorite thing is that I have so many favorite things about Milwaukee to choose from! I love the lake, the architecture (new and old), the restaurants, the people… For me, Milwaukee is a shoe that fits — a unique, interesting, aesthetically-pleasing yet comfortable shoe that I never tire of.

Most surprising thing about Milwaukee: There is so much going on here, and people are very engaged in making the city an even better place to live.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Eat Like a Wisconsinite,” March 2018

Chris Drosner

Executive Editor

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

One thing you would “edit” about the city: Level the playing field

#1 reason you love MKE: Beer

MilMag feature everyone must read: “From Darkness, Light,” March 2018

Archer Parquette

Managing Editor

Hometown: Literally – Kenosha, Wisconsin. Spiritually – Boston, Massachusetts.

One thing you would “edit” about the city: I’d like to edit in more intrigue. Like, I want private investigators in fedoras wandering around downtown muttering to themselves, while fishy-faced sailors huddle in the back of bars, whispering about the unspeakable things they’ve seen on the water. We need conspiracies and mystery. This city is far too straightforward.

#1 reason you love MKE: Rutabagas. We got the best rutabagas in the world. Take that, Scandinavia.

MilMag feature everyone must read: The John Ridley feature from our January 2019 issue, because Milwaukeeans can win Oscars too.

Ann Christenson

Senior Editor & Dining Critic

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Favorite Milwaukee Restaurant: Sanford

Favorite thing about the MKE food scene: Its variety, respect for traditions and reluctance to jump on any and every trend.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “From Darkness, Light,” March 2018

Lindsey Anderson

Senior Editor, Culture

Hometown: Granville, Ohio

Favorite Milwaukee museum: The MAM – art on the water

Piece of Milwaukee culture that speaks to you most: There are more festivals here than weeks in a year.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “16 Things Every Wisconsinite Needs to Know,” November 2016

Allison Garcia

Digital Editor

Hometown: Franklin, Wisconsin

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: This city does a great job with preservation. I love walking past old Cream City brick buildings. 

Coziest spot in MKE to plug in a laptop: Kickapoo Coffee

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Getting Away With Arson,” July 2018

Katie Williams

Circulation Manager

Hometown: Burlington, Wisconsin

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The lakefront

Best part about working for MilMag: Making connections and building relationships with people, places and organizations around town…oh and the staff. The very, very talented staff.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “The Long Walk Home,” January 2015

Kelly Rippl

Senior Graphic Designer & Production Coordinator

Hometown: Mequon, Wisconsin

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The distance between the Nomad World Pub and the Dogg Haus. Also, everything that happens in Milwaukee during the 5.43 weeks of beautiful Wisconsin summer.

Best part about working for MilMag: Eating at just about every place imaginable. The Best Burgers issue came with some health concerns (27 burgers in 30 days), but I’d definitely do it again if the magazine covered a gym membership.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Murder of a Tyrant,” May 2015

Paul John Higgins

Art Director

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Best building in MKE: The Calatrava ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry, it really is a work of art.

#1 reason you love MKE: Culturally, it punches above its weight.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “No Picnic,” July 2017

Chelsea Fischer

Senior Editorial Designer

Hometown: Santa Maria, CA

Most Beautiful View: Metaphorically: The first day of summer, looking forward to our precious weeks of non-stop fun. literally: The lake, city and sky from the Hoan bridge. 

Why I love MKE: The ubiquitous corner bar.  

Feature you must read: Are you hungry? Eat like a Wisconsinite. Are you thirsty? Down the Hatch. Shoutout to Ann Christenson for keeping our tastebuds happy!

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Eat like a Wisconsinite,” March 2018 and “I’ll Drink to That,” December 2017

Natalie Blais

Sales Director

Hometown: Closter, New Jersey

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: You won’t find another city that knows how to pair a healthy lifestyle with having a life. Beer stops on a 5k charity run are totally normal here. We like to have fun here, but we like to earn it, too!

Best part about working for MilMag: Working with a staff who is obsessed with making sure this magazine is the best possible representative of the city and the people of Milwaukee.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Everybody’s Talkin’,” January 2017

Shannon Dailey

Sales Representative

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Favorite thing about Milwaukee: The people. Milwaukee has such a huge attraction due to a great vibe on festivals, dining and arts & entertainment.

Best part about working for MilMag: The pride I have for our city publication. I work with a highly talented staff to publish a noteworthy publication with a proud magazine renewal percentage of 70 percent.

MilMag feature everyone must read: “Saving Grace,” January 2008

Ed Brzozowski

Sales Representative