The Pitch

“I want to talk to you about our product,” says Laura Fuller, head of the University School of Milwaukee, opening a short address she’s giving to a group of parents attending an open house. “Isn’t that what every good business does?” Each parent is a potential customer, and each could shell out between $16,453 and $22,769 a year to send a child to the school. So each parent wants a little more than a half-hearted tour of the college-style campus. The parents want to be sold on a vision – of their children’s future, of an elite form of private…

Fall Arts Guide 2013

In great halls and diminutive galleries across Milwaukee, wordsmiths, troubadours and masked grapplers are laying themselves bare with the hopes of making great art. (Well, maybe not the wrestlers.) With so many events clamoring for space in your calendar, we’ve turned to our esteemed critics to uncover the tastemakers who will command Milwaukee’s scene this fall. From international art stars to Justin Vernon’s latest incarnation and wing nuts from both sides of the aisle, you won’t find yourself bored this season. Now, on with the show. This article appears in the September 2013 issue of Milwaukee Magazine. To read the…

Playing the Fool

Photo by Steven Bourelle There are very few people in this life who enjoy being called a fool. Ann-Elizabeth Shapera is one of them. Originally from Geneva, Ill., and often found in the smoky jazz joints of Chicago during her childhood (her dad is veteran bassist Dan Shapera), she’s been appearing at fairs and fests as Jane the Phoole (her interpretation of Queen Elizabeth I’s court jester) for the past 20 years. But her crowning achievement may have arrived Sept. 21, 2004, when, by official decree – in much the same way the Common Council recognizes April 14 as “Milwaukee…

How to Make Your Own Marquee

For this month’s cover, we put on our artistic thinking caps and came up with a bright idea: our nameplate and cover lines in lights. Real lights. Cue cans of spray paint, drills and several trips to Target. But the result was worth it: a cover worthy of all the great arts coverage it contains. Check out how to make your own marquee in this video.

The Faces of Film

Photos by Andrea Hudson For the past five years, the Milwaukee Film Festival has brought sidesplitting rom-coms, stirring documentaries and fright-filled horror flicks to the city for a multiday film feast. This year will be no different, with more than 200 films scheduled over its 15-day run. To learn more about how the magic happens, we shine a spotlight on six of their wizards of applause.   Jonathan Jackson Artistic & Executive Director   Kyle Heller Managing Director   Benjamin Brennan Gunning Development Director   Blyth Meier Marketing Director   Angela Catalano Programming Manager & Cinema Hooligante Programmer   Kristopher…

Local Anchors

Photo by Brian Holberg Just two and a half hours north of Milwaukee on a sunny day in late May, pop music blares from the rafters of Cruisers Yachts’ high-ceilinged Oconto plant. On the floor, three 30-something women inject resin into fiberglass molds the color of tomato soup – one of the first steps in building a yacht. In another area, a middle-aged woman looks over upholstery choices for Cruisers’ new Black Diamond series, eager to show off a custom seat she’s designed. Yet another woman sits alone aboard the deck of an almost-finished yacht, searching for blemishes or trapped…

Illustration by Leslie Herman

Mind The Gap

Employers say they can’t find enough highly skilled workers. But other factions say that’s just a convenient cop out to cover other job-related shortcomings. Can both sides be right?

The Rise of Ron Johnson

From successful businessman to Tea Party favorite to… cross-party compromiser? The Wisconsin senator has enjoyed an intriguing start to his political career. Where does he go from here?

The Brew Crews

When Miller married Coors, Milwaukee feared losing a favorite son. But in the wake of a rocky honeymoon, the couple just might find happily ever after – Brew City included.