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Hot Flash

We thought we’d found the fountain of youth. Less than a decade ago, it seemed hormone replacement therapy not only treated the bothersome symptoms of menopaus...
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The Cutting Edge

Ann Marie Helm had been overweight all her life. At age 4, she was classified as morbidly obese. In her early 20s, joint pain made it hard to walk. By the time ...
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The Big Chill

It’s a Friday in late May, just before noon, and Ken Alvord has things to do. A 49-year-old sales manager, he’s leaving for a trade show in Europe on Monday. He...
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Baby Blues

Susan didn’t thinkshe could have children. She’d been diagnosed with an infertility disease that made conception unlikely. So discovering that she was pregnant ...
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It’s All in the Genes

What if we could look into the future and know whether or not we’d someday fall victim to cancer? That’s essentially what newly developing genetic t...
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A Knee of One’s Own

Katherine Klopfenstein hadn’t gone grocery shopping for years. The 58-year-old Menomonee Falls resident began experiencing pain in her right knee in her early 5...
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Single Parenthood Epidemic

Quincy Tharps vividly recalls the time when one of her nine sisters was banished from the family’s North Side Milwaukee home to New Jersey after becoming pregna...