A Conversation With a Witch

Rae Nightcat reaches into the unseen world.

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a witch is a warty crone in a pointed black hat cackling on a broomstick, local witch Rae Nightcat is here to change your perception.

Her spiritual journey began in 2005 when she had her first tarot reading in New Orleans – an experience that changed the course of her life. She believes it’s more than coincidence that she found herself in front of that French Quarter tarot reader. While this was her first visit to the Crescent City in this lifetime, the card reader told her she had often walked those cobbled streets in a past life. He sensed in her the spiritual curiosity that had been with her since childhood and foretold that she would become a metaphysical practitioner of witchcraft and magick (so spelled to differentiate from stage magic). He was correct.

She knew she had found her path, and before long, she found her name. Rae Nightcat was bestowed upon her by her spirit guide while meditating in the desert.

In her words, “gifts from the divine” allow her to “manipulate the probability of things” in the universe. Through the use of tarot, tea leaves, the exploration of past lives, mediumship and spell work, she “helps people think through their path.” By using these tools, along with her creativity, psychic ability and “understanding of the unseen world,” she is able to “zone into the veil” and connect with universal energy.

Are witches and Wiccans one and the same? Nightcat notes that her eclectic practice draws on a variety of mystical traditions, while Wiccans follow a specific line of documented practices and rituals that goes back thousands of years.

Nightcat acknowledges it is not easy to be a witch in Milwaukee. Her beliefs and practices are often misunderstood and not easily accepted. She wishes people understood there is more than one way to practice witchcraft, and that all approaches to the practice are equally valid.

Those curious about exploring witchcraft should begin with an open mind, Nightcat suggests, and follow the path that calls to you, and letting your spirit guides, which we all have, lead the way.