10 Milwaukee-Themed Dad Jokes to Tell This Father’s Day

This story is dedicated to all the dads out there. Happy Father’s Day!

1. How did the Milwaukee billboard get home from work? It took a Gruber.

2. How can you tell if the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is hungry? It will go back four seconds. 

3. Want to hear a joke about Culver’s curds? Nah, it’s too cheesy

4. What do you call a musky wearing a bow tie? Sofishticated. 

5. What did the Milwaukee bridge say at the end of the night? It’s time to go Hoan.

6. Why did the bartender buy an antique muddler? Because he prefers his drinks old fashioned. 

7. What did Lake Michigan say to Bradford Beach? Nothing. It just waved. 

8. Why were there teeth marks on the highway? Because I ate 94.

9. Why aren’t there any lights on at the mansion? It’s Pabst their bedtime.

10. Did you hear about the kidnapping at Summerfest? He woke up when the concert started. 









Allison Garcia is the Digital Editor for Milwaukee Magazine.