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Post: 10 Things Women Think Every Man Should Have
What about a car or a mode of transportation? Or nice table manners. Being polite and courteous to everyone. A good friend that keeps us in check.
Post: 10 Things Guys Think Every Girl Should Have
"These men (some single, some not) come from various backgrounds; from hair stylists, to makeup artists, photographers, musicians, designers, construction and more." Wow! I am so glad you tried to find the common man here. Like in the list that men should have, a woman should have a job. Also, a sharp wit and some knowledge of sports. Keep the swearing in check. Also, don't get up from the table and say "I gotta pee!" Let's keep some mystery and common sense in the relationship. The purse should be a small one. Leave the manbeater in the car. My rule of thumb when you have a big purse, you probably smoke. A big turn-off to a man. Have some nice friends. They show that you care about who you associate with. Look good in your everyday's. If you have to be all dolled up to look good, you are too high maintenance for most guys. A working knowledge of the kitchen. Mac and cheese is not a dinner. If I can cook 30 different items, so should you. A library card, you can read, right?!! I know that I am being a bit rough here. But I have 6 older sisters and all of them can fit in these category's. Have a nice disposition. Guys like a woman that can talk about good news or topics. It makes our day.