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Post: Best Pizza of 2013
Pizzeria Scotty should have made the list. Flat out awesome.
Post: Win Tickets to Lakefront Festival of Art
I've never been to this festival, yet I know that it is worth the time if Milwaukee magazine is involved. Thanks for the opportunity!
Post: Win Tickets to The Great Gatsby
The book is still a flash bulb memory from 11 grade English. The Gilded Age excess and the great tragedy of the plot. I'm super excited to see the movie.
Post: Win Tickets to Hotel Transylvania
My daughter's birthday is this tomorrow and she would love to see Hotel Transylvania on her birthday weekend. Thank you for the opportunity.
Post: Hunger Games Giveaway
After hearing great praise from most of my friends, I read the Hunger Games with great expectations. It was griping reading about the brutality of the sport with the voyeuristic sadism of the crowds. It made me reflect on the current reality TV and its grip on the American psyche. How far will we go for entertainment? Overall I thought the book did a really good job with character development and the darkness of the plot. I have not seen the movie, but I would love the opportunity. Thank you for the chance to win the DVD.