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Post: Raw Future
OMG, will they still have the poprocks dream-sickle dessert? It's my fav!!
Post: Erik of Norway Downtown Renamed 'scottfree'
"Scottfree" is an interesting choice in name for a salon. I'm looking forward to seeing the logo and branding take effect.
Post: Sushi Spot
I just stopped in yesterday and wow!! It was delicious. :)
Post: Milwaukee Ranks Low on "Most Fashionable" List
Being fashionable is about following trends and being stylish, not just buying merchandise from high-end stores. There are so many fashionable boutiques here in Milwaukee that were most likely not included in this survey, but carry high-end lines. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fashionable However, I do think Milwaukee is behind on style and trends. Check out pictures of friends on Facebook in LA and NYC and you'll see people wearing the newest trends. This is more likely due to our geography and distribution of merchandise. Our stores and boutiques don't get product as soon as stores closer to major distributors of merchandise. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100165144461450&set=at.10100165143548280.2304374.47903217.26700711&type=1&theater
Post: Want Tickets to the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show?
Downtown Milwaukee.
Post: The Historic Future of Remarkable Milwaukee
I wish I would've attended this event!
Post: Little Black Dress Meets Little Black Bottle
I love your recommendations- so informative and honest! Thanks!!
Post: Apple Hits the Target
I'm am so excited for the new Bangles & Bags location! The Village of Wauwatosa is a great shopping destination with so much variety and character.
Post: The Closing Bell
I'm really going to miss their chilli...
Post: Miss Katie’s Diner
Miss Katie's skillet: best thing that ever happened to me!
Post: Store Spotlight: Rubin's Furniture
I love Rubin's, even just stopping by with some spare time is an enchanting experience of design. A great Third Ward compliment! Hope you found some great stuff for your new place!
Post: Digital Democracy
I love all the digital check-ins and scanning codes- sounds like technology is finally getting practical! That YouTube channel is fantastic- thanks for sharing and have a great time out in NYC. I'll keep reading! :)
Post: Clothes Make the Man
Thanks for the great style tips! Boston Store always has a great selection!
Post: Forces of Fashion
Caitlin, I've seen you in shows but had no idea you were so talented at producing fashion shows and representing models here in Milwaukee and beyond! Keep up the great work, you have a bright future ahead!
Post: Chili Challenged
$14 Chilli lunch just wasn't feasible, especially in hot weather, and with only chilli on the menu... it was writing on the wall.
Post: The Harp Irish Pub
I'm surprised you didn't mention their sordid Facebook use, from their website it clicks through to a group, but there's also a fan page that remains unclaimed. I typically measure likeability of a bar through Facebook because you can see the kind of people that go there and what they're saying about their time there like, "oh dude I got totally wasted" or "I lost my phone, again..." Also, user generated reviews from Yelp and Google don't mean much to me because the negative comments are usually just people who are upset with someone personally, not actually writing a strong review like you've done here. As for the Harp being the worst bar in Milwaukee, absolutely not, I can list 10 bars that I wouldn't wish on anyone to have to suffer from. The Harp's patio is phenomenal especially in Summer, even if their crowd tends to be super chauvinistic and well drunk, but isn't that what you're supposed to do at a bar?
Post: Trendsetter Photo Shoot
You can be part of our interactive advertising program this Fall! Email me at mitchell.olszewski@milwaukeemag.com Space is limited, so don't delay! Call 414-287-4384 now to reserve your space in our Fall fashion trendsetter!
Post: Star Spangled Style
Makes me want get on my red, white & blue! :)
Post: Hip-Hop for the Masses
Looks like the show was a great experience!
Post: Going Backstage at Summerfest, Day 2.
Feels like I'm almost there watching these videos! Thx!!
Post: Mraz, Maroon 5 and Marley
Sounds like backstage is one excitement after the next! I haven't made it down to Summerfest yet, but I'm really excited about it. "This Love" totally my theme song to Senior year! lol
Post: Hat Trick
Great store!! I stopped in to get a hat adjusted too- I've been converted to wearing hats. Thanks guys!
Post: Photo Contest
This looks like so much fun!
Post: Want to see The Art of Getting By for free?
Looks cute, I'd love to go
Post: Springing Forward
So much is going on in the city! The gem show looks sparkly and fantastic!
Post: Gallery Night
How interesting to pair artists with their fashion!
Post: Spring Into Sale Action
I can't wait to check out the new OLIVE organic store on Downer!
Post: Beauty, Business and Brains.
What an inspiring article. Thank you for sharing!
Post: BTW Lounge
They taught me how to lounge!! :)
Post: Perks and Parties
I'm looking forward to Spring, did you hear about the Easter Egg hunt for kids and adults in the Third Ward? It should be a great time too!
Post: Looks For Less
I'm craving something yellow and totally gel of your pumps! Where can I find some bright for spring here in Milwaukee?
Post: Add On Style
Cute stuff for spring, and nude flats? Where ever can you get those?
Post: Looks For Less
Love the look!
Post: Want to see Source Code?
I would love to take my dad to see this movie!
Post: Limitless
Such a great film! I loved how the pills took over- I guess how could you saw no when you were functioning at a super high-level IQ. Awesome thriller!!
Post: Want to see Limitless before it hits theaters?
I would love to see this movie! I love the concept, and I love Bradley Cooper!!
Post: Boutique Blowout
I'm so bummed I missed this great shopping opportunity. Hope it went well!
Post: Milwaukee's Magnifient Bride Show
It was a fantastic event! It was a great way to introduced to vendors from all over Milwaukee. =)
Post: Girl Power
Looks like you're having a great time at fashion week. I adore the pictures!! I love what you had to say about fashion being cyclical. I love feeling retro by wearing a style from the past with a fresh take on it. Oh and girl, GO BIG OR GO HOME!! :) So love that!!
Post: An Open and Shut Case
This sure seems like a great store for one-of-a-kind pieces to accent the home! Thank you for sharing.
Post: Male Call
Gosh I so want to find one of those detailed military jackets that look sort of French. Where ever can I find one around here in Milwaukee? I love those yellow pants too! It really takes the right outfit to add a pop of color. And that messenger bag, fantastic!!
Post: Image of the Day, Feb. 11
Such a great spot for a photo shoot!! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2297575&id=26705452#!/photo.php?fbid=685270550428&set=a.685270300928.2297575.26705452&theater
Post: Divas and Dogs
My mom and I are so excited about tonight's DIVA night in the Third Ward. We've got a lot of places to shop!! :)
Post: Lady in Waiting
How excited that someone stepped up to the plate and donated funds to save this piece of history. Hopefully they'll have the ship up and running and offer special travel packages to develop funds to keep the ship sailing.
Post: Soap or Stone?
Those Soaps are fantastic! Isn't it great when an artist can express their passion through a fun product! Definitely makes a great gift!
Post: Chasing Fashion
Bjorn, I love what you said about packing light with your luggage. All too often I over pack and end up stuffing my suitcase to the brim with my new purchases. It's just triffiling to wrinkle up a brand new blazer! It's like Coco Chanel for luggage, look at what you have packed and take one outfit less! Do you typically plan a monochromatic color palate? Is this so you can pick up really neat items that will accent your outfits? I can't wait to hear all about NYC and see the pictures from all over town. Meanwhile, I'll be shopping around here in Milwaukee-- I love those boots from Shoo! :)
Post: Forecasting Fashion for 2011 and Beyond
Carrie, you crack me up and I love it!! :)
Post: The Kardashians Conquer All
"THE KARDASHIANS ARE HERE" I love the way Kourtney yelled from the top of their penthouse. Her boyfriend is such a weirdo, what does she see in him?