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Post: Win Tickets to The Great Gatsby
I would love to see this movie!!
Post: New Thai Restaurant Opens on East Side
This is a nice resturant with great food. There is actually some extra seating in the back also so it is slightly bigger than what the author states.. The wait-staff is nice and knowledgable of the food. I HIGHLY suggest the Crying Tiger dish, its a nice prime cut of beef on a bed of vegetables whit a sweet, yet slightly sour flavor dressing.
Post: At the Top
Gotsa love me some EE Sane Thai cuisine!! and I cant wait for the new cafe, sounds exciting and fun. Oh, the Garden room sounds cool too!!
Post: Win Tickets to Seeking a Friend
THis movie looks funny and hilarious!!! i would love to see a sneak peek!!!
Post: Want Tickets to the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show?
To work, over the 794 Bridge, in the morning while the sun is rising on a summer day!!
Post: Three Cellars
This place has an amazing selection of Beer and Wine!!! Also a great place to just chill and have a drink!! Great Staff members and all. -Jim
Post: Want to see ACT OF VALOR?
Looks like an awesome movie! Would love to see it! :)
Post: Want to see “The Darkest Hour”?
OOOhhh, i wanna see this movie. If you can please choose me!!!
Post: Want to see Source Code?
This movie looks awesome!! I would like to see it!!!