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Post: Win Tickets to The Great Gatsby
oh I definitely want to see this.. Baz Luhrman is the director who did Moulin Rouge.. this is going to be so so good.
Post: Win Four Tickets to the KODO One Earth Tour 2013
I'd take my gf and 2 other friends
Post: Anna Karenina Ticket and Prize Giveaway
oh this looks too good! would love to see this
Post: Want to See Carrie Underwood at the BMO Harris Bradley Center?
Carrie is going to blow the roof of the BMO!! would love to be able to see it in person.
Post: Night by the River Benefit Ticket Giveaway
I would tell them to be sure to use plenty of angles of light...
Post: Win Tickets to Beach House
I've heard good things about these guys.. would love to check them out in person!
Post: Hunger Games Giveaway
here is mine.. Effie Trinket’s outraged and scandalized exclamation of “manners!” to Katniss after she attacked Peeta following the Flickerman interview. I could actually put “Any seen with Effie Trinket” here and it’d be true. Elizabeth Banks did an amazing job bringing those favoring odds to District 12
Post: Win Tickets to See Chicago Tribute Band Transit Authority
crazy story about Chicago.. so I went to go see the Dave Matthews Band caravan on the southside of Chicago... the place was so crazy and unsafe they don't even have taxis that come there.. we waited for almost 3 hours after the show just to get on a bus!!!
Post: Gotye Tickets Giveaway
I was dating a much younger girl than I was at the time. My favorite band is Dave Matthews Band and they were playing a 2 night stand at Wrigley Field that summer.. so of course I got really good seats, got a place for us to stay, gas money, etc.. We stand in line for a good 7 hours before the show to get right up front.. 4 songs in she FAINTS.. keep in mind no drugs or alcohol all day.. so security has to drag us out.. she leaves with a friend, I end up watching the show from 200000 feet away it felt.. silence the rest of the trip.. a few weeks after that she decides it would be OK to go through my phone.. well she starts asking me all these questions about so and so.. this and that.. I finally just say this isn't going to work.. this chick then comes to my house when I told her to stay away from me.. talk about a psycho.. then again we did break up amicably.. now she's just someone that I use to know!
Post: Win Tickets to Milwaukee’s BIG Taste
who doesn't like food and fireworks?? would love to attend this event
Post: Win Tickets to Seeking a Friend
This actually looks quite well...
Post: Chris Botti Sizzles
oh this would make for an excellent date night.. pick me pick me!
Post: Giveaway: 21 Jump Street tickets
this movie looks too funny.. would love a pair!
Post: Want Tickets to the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show?
I loved driving my brand new Scion TC when it came out.. would love some tickets to the show!
Post: Want to see ACT OF VALOR?
would love a pair of tickets to see this.. the movie looks fantastic!
Post: Want to see "The Vow"?
this would be a perfect date night!! would love a pair of tickets..thanks!
Post: Want to see “Red Tails”?
Definitely would like to see this one.. much appreciated!
Post: Want to see “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”?
Ive read the books, would love to see it on the big screen!
Post: Want to see “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”?
Would love to score a pair of tickets to this! The first 3 movies were quite good.. would love to see how they plan on ending the series
Post: Want to see Anonymous?
definitely need to see this one.. very interesting concept for a movie.. please pick me!
Post: Want to see The Ides of March?
This movie looks really good.. and with a cast like that whats not to like?? this has Oscar buzz already.. would love to see this movie please
Post: Want to see 50/50?
everyone needs to see this movie.. very touching.. would love an admit 2 pass please.
Post: Want to see Blink-182?
my favorite member is Travis Barker-- the drummer brings the energy and keeps the band on track. would love a pair of tickets!
Post: Want to See Friends With Benefits?
oooh.. would love to see this!! please pick me
Post: Want to See Mötley Crüe for Free?
Home Sweet Home.. easily the best of the bunch!
Post: Want to see Bad Teacher?
Would love to see this one.. I laughed out loud in the trailer a few times..
Post: Want to see Stephen Sondheim's Company?
would love a pair of tickets to see this! Nice comedy all-star cast!
Post: Want to see Battle: Los Angeles before it opens?
Would love to see this.. please pick me.. been waiting for this movie for a long time