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Post: Win Tickets to Summerfest!
LL Cool J
Post: Win Tickets to The Great Gatsby
I have seen Leonardo DiCaprio in some very decent movies. Then there was Shutter Island. I hope this throwback to the past doesn't make me want to run for the doors.
Post: Win a Pair of Passes to the Milwaukee Auto Show
I would like to hit the highway in a Camero, Challenger or Mustang. The practical me would like to drive a Veloster.
Post: Win Four Tickets to the KODO One Earth Tour 2013
I would take my wife and two children. This would be a great opportunity to get the kids to see something other than a computer screen.
Post: Anna Karenina Ticket and Prize Giveaway
Who doesn't like to see a girl torn apart? Sounds gruesome. Count me in if you have room. Thanks.
Post: Want to See Carrie Underwood at the BMO Harris Bradley Center?
It is amazing how far Carrie Underwood has gone since her days on Idol. She is truly living the American dream. She is an amazing talent. Thanks for the opportunity to win tix.
Post: Win Tickets to ParaNorman
I noticed my children floating above their beds while sleeping the other night. I hope this movie will educated me on Perrynormal activity.
Post: Win Tickets to Milwaukee’s BIG Taste
Anything that doesn't start our Mc or Culvers would be a stepping out treat. Thanks for the opportunity.
Post: Win Tickets to Seeking a Friend
Replying to: IMBigWillie
Then why don't you marry him? lol
Post: Win Tickets to Seeking a Friend
My friend chicken little has been say the end is near for years. Maybe it is time you start taking him serious.
Post: Chris Botti Sizzles
I have hear that Mr. Botti puts on a quality show. He along with other talented musicians play with passion and emotion. I would enjoy the opportunity to see one of the finest musicians at the top of his game. Thank you for the opportunity.
Post: Giveaway: 21 Jump Street tickets
No matter how good this movie may be, it cannot be SUPERBAD (drum roll needed).
Post: Want to see ACT OF VALOR?
I heard the actors are actual actual active duty U.S. Navy SEALs and U.S. Navy SWCC Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR KEEPING OUR COUNTRY FREE. ps. I hope they can act!
Post: Want to see “Red Tails”?
It will be good to see Cuba Gooding back in WWII again. First he played Petty Officer Second Class Dorie Miller. Now he will play Major Emanuelle Stance. His rank in the military has risen. Lets hope he doesn't get shot down as bad as his recent movies have.
Post: Want to see “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”?
I cannot say "I have read the book series" because I am lazy when it comes to reading. Kindle is helping. I did watch all three of the movies with subtitles back 2 back. I found the story drawing me in. I would like to see this redo to see if they "retwist" the plot.
Post: Want to see “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”?
I liked the First and the Third Twilight movies. I am curious to see if the baby looks like Edward, Jacob or a Zombie
Post: Want to see Anonymous?
Who isn't a fraud these days? I am still trying to come to grips with the whole Christopher Columbus thing. Maybe this movie will help distract me from my anxiety.
Post: Want to see Blink-182?
I want to give a shout out to Scott Raynor (original drummer). He supposedly drank his way out of the band. Cheers!
Post: Want to See Friends With Benefits?
I am shocked that Justin Timberlake is interested in the type of benefits that Mila has to offer. Does she have a co-pay?
Post: Want to See Mötley Crüe for Free?
Girls, Girls, Girls - This is what the Crue is all about. They put on a great show. Regardless of who wins, they will have an awesome time....Shout, Shout.
Post: Want to see Bad Teacher?
My teachers never looked that good. Where is the pear shaped figure and gray hair?
Post: Want to see Stephen Sondheim's Company?
My fiend says this is an awesome shoe.
Post: Want to see Source Code?
This seems like a decent action-thriller. It has a sound cast. It should be an enjoyable ride (unless your on the train with the bomb on it). Please send me a pass.
Post: Want to see Battle: Los Angeles before it opens?
I don't know why anybody would need to go to a theater for action like this, all you need to do is go to Madison. I don't like to travel much. I would appreciate movie tickets over the trip to Mad City.