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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
My epic New Years was when I was in my early 20s. My parents planned a family vacation to Jamaica. My siblings and I were so excited yet a part of me felt I would be longing to be with my friends and boyfriend (at the time) to celebrate on New Years eve. The night of the "eve" my family sat at a candle lit seafood dinner on the beach, the sound of the waves blended with the music in the background. I looked across the table at my sister and dad in deep in a conversation and the countdown started. 10, 9, 8 I look to my right and see my brother laughing 7,6,5 we all stood up 4,3,2 at this point we were all jumping with our champagne and shouting and 1. My family started hugging each other and I will never forget the look on my parents faces. My dad had tears in his eyes and my moms were filled with joy. As I glanced around I saw couples embracing and looking into each other's eyes I realized I was with the people I loved. I spent the rest of that night going to reggae bands with my brother. At the end of the night I hugged him and said it was the best new years I ever had and it was. Now almost a decade later I look forward to spending this one with another single girlfriend who has been budgeting in order to celebrate. We do not have dates and may not get a midnight kiss but will look forward to putting on our heels and ringing in the new year with our memory as single girls in the city!