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Post: Milwaukee Ranks Low on "Most Fashionable" List
So, yeah, this chart is confusing fashion with spending money, right? I mean it's saying that the cities that are the "most fashionable" are the ones that have simply made the most high-end purchases! Hello, you can be fashionable without spending gobs of money!
Post: My Office
The food was amazing. Let's go back soon!
Post: Fame, Fashion and Armchair Critics
oooh, yes, I do have to say that Gwyneth Paltrow's dress was by far my favorite. and I didn't mind Cate Blanchett's... def. high fashion. would love to see pics of those on here!
Post: Want to see RANGO before it hits theaters?
A. This is a movie that both my kids and I can enjoy. B. I love Johnny Depp, even if it is only his voice. C. Please hook a mom up with some tickets!
Post: Offseason: Rehab, Family, Rehab, Friends
Glad your healthy. Great column. Looking forward to more from you.