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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
2 years ago coming back from a snowmobiling trip in Wyoming my friends and I had to stay in a small town in Iowa because the freeway was closed due to a snow storm. We didn't want to spend our night in a crappy motel with other stranded travelers so we asked the front desk for a cab, and the best local bar. This town did not have any taxi's but some kind of ride safe program where you call a number and there are a pool of drivers that pick you up if you are too drunk to drive and pay them whatever you fell is fair. An old lady picked us up at the hotel and dropped us at the bar. It was a pretty uneventful experience at the local dive bar and we called the number again to be picked up around 1am. Two high school age kids picked us up in a giant lifted pickup truck, while talking to them on the way back about how there town sucked, they got a call from another friend who was giving a ride home to a bachlorette party that didn't want to go home. So they took us and the bachlorette party to another house party they knew of and we ended up partying with them till 5am. It was a random group of people who didn't know each other before and we ended up having more fun than we had with our own friends. When we finally got back to the hotel shortly after 5am, our 1 friend who stayed behind already had the rig fired and we pulled out to go home without ever spending the night in the room.