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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
My most epic new years eve party was in 2005. I was dating my now husband only for 2 weeks and we went out with his friends to a dance club. We got to the club at 10 pm and I drank too much, too fast. I felt sick and went outside to get fresh air. A Milwaukee police officer got in front of my face and as soon as he asked me if I was ok, I puked. The cop moved out the way just in time but gave my boyfriend a warning to go home before he arrested us. We got in a cab and I kept puking in the cab till we got to my boyfriends house. Where I found out it was only 12:30am. My boyfriend took great care of me all night but was disappointed because we were home so early. I am a lucky girl that the following new years eve my boyfriend proposed but every now and then, he reminds me of our first new years eve together. It would be nice to win these tickets and take him because the last 5 new years eves we have stayed home. This year we have alot to celebrate. But that's another story