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Post: The Strange Life of Mark Block
Going Dark? That would bring them more in line with the rest of America that doing less work these days. Seriously though, shouldn't that tell their constituents something -- like they want to keep their job rather than do their job? How do they do that? By convincing their boss (us) that any alternative (Democrats) is worth than having no government at all.
Post: The Squeeze on State Workers
How did the paper get this so backward? This is part of an "undercover" operation, part of his new community policing program -- it's called TOTKO Takes one to know one. It's all done under supervised conditions so no one gets hurt too bad. Under Flynn officers have been trained to drink and drive, and beat their wives so they can better FIGHT CRIME! How else can you explain the more double digit decreases in crime in this city?
Post: Calculated Risk
You are way too nice. Why sharpen the blade for your own execution? (that is if you don't want to die)
Post: Brewers Faithful
The owner of the Brewers is a big fan of Bill James, the baseball stat guy, who developed the "park effect" numbers. Teams build their teams to take advantage of their home field. I think you can find that out somewhere.