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Post: Monday: Packing up the lockers
Ned Yost is leading the Royals to the WS. Ima calling it right here, right now.
Post: Thursday: Still alive
I for one am mad. I think the team needs to be blown up, this is a bunch of losers who couldn't even play .500 ball for the last month to waltz into the playoffs. Screw them, they deserve none of my money and attention. After decades of watching the team, I have zero WS wins and one appearance 32 years ago to remember. Other than that, two playoffs that were jokes with the way they played. I am done. I might as well be a cardinals fan and watch my team play some good October baseball for once.
Post: Thursday: Fiers can't do it all
I moved out of town and missed the On Deck lat year for the first time since it moved the the Midwest center. I can't believe it was free. Must have been a mess, it was crowded enough with a Fee. This team is choking bad. Fires did great and to get no run support is just crazy. I wish Ned was back so they could have fired him to get a spark for the team. IDK what but I am pessimistic this team will make the playoffs right now. It was all there for them and they screwed it up. Disappointing for sure. No real excuse either, it hasn't been the bullpen, or the pitching, it was the strength of the team, the hitters and playing too tight.
Post: Wednesday: Gerardo's game
Replying to: Spot
You are a moron. LaRussa is the best manager ever. (Just trying to get some conversation going here. I should make another account to make it more believable)
Post: Wednesday: Gerardo's game
LaRussa is suck a jerk and whiner. Too bad a pitcher can't throw at him. Morgan was batting really well before the injury, though with Parra, I guess they wouldn't need him.... if he is even healthy. I don't see the Brewers extending Luc for a year or so. No real incentive on either side to do so.
Post: Thursday: Waiting around
I am going to the game in Tampa on Tuesday. They better not disappoint me. Why does nobody comment on this site? I think I could just post a series of nonsensical words and nobody would notice. Burj klahf zmitzy howitdor toppolling quentz hidatatums shrempnoid lowbromhklind zuevida.
Post: Monday: Always sunny in Pittsburgh
Not to be that guy but.... "The Brewers are now 10-3 against the Pirates this season. Pittsburgh is 26-22 against everyone else(h/t @jh_moore). " But in the standings Pirates 29 33 8 Must have been looking at the Reds record when tweeting. Still, good to see the Crew doing well against the Bucs.
Post: Thursday: Slamming for success
So.... Randy Wolf no hitter on Sunday?
Post: Thursday: Back to Earth for K-Rod
in reference to Krod and the talk about his change up. So... if your change up is the main pitch you throw, wouldn't your fastball technically be your change up then?
Post: Wednesday: 25 wins and counting
Hopefully Davis will get back his swing. We need him with Ramirez out.
Post: Monday: Shorthanded
Yuni B... good for something in Seattle........ Seattle, that name cracks me up.
Post: Friday: On to Boston
A player had to be pulled because he swallowed his tobacco? Add that to the list of odd sports injuries.