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Post: Teenage Opus
Wow. The MAM appears inept or clueless.A challenging idea inspired an ambiitous student. Derrick and his team met or exceeded expectations No one else tried so they cancelled With the exception of Derrick and his team ineptitude prevailed in this enterprise
Post: Abstaining
Here's a scoop. Your editor best writer is no longer at the Milwaukee Magazine and no one has reported why. Get cracking and investigate.Of course that could get you sent packing. I bet it's money or political pressure.
Post: The High Cost of Sheriff Clarke
Mr. Clarke relishes intimidation, vengeance and humiliation of opponents, whether they are real or perceived. Gov Walker and Exec Abele have provided sufficient funds to effectivly perform his functions if he allocated funds properly. It would require the sacrifice of some of his optional projects, however meritorious they may be. It also would require him to admit comprimise or even defeat. I don't see that happening.
Post: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Avenue, Part 2
My it seems like Jim Stingl is moonlighting. Maybe they could convince their neighbors Milwaukee, PA (it does exist) to shange their cities name to Waukesha.
Post: The Passing of a Legend
Same old same old. DC pol skirts the rules to get his lackey a high paying job paid by the tax payer. Sounds like he does Johnsons bidding but hides the salary on some committee. Committee members probably busted him on it and made him scramble to bury the electronic facebook linked in trail before they get caught too. What does he do for 98K a year? Whatever ROJO tells him. Busted.
Post: Sheriff Clarke, Media Darling
I worry that Sheriff Clarke will use the budget cuts as a reason to excuse security failures or perhaps exascperate them. This would assist in him or others to win County Exec. by demonstrating that Mr. Abele can not competently govern. I don't think he will "give in" and eliminate funds allocated to pet projects (boot camp) for the benefit of allocations for bailiffs or nurses whose funds he believes should not be spent by his department or perhaps be spent at all. He's willing to go "nuclear" for what he is told is right and for his political benefit.