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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
I moved to Milwaukee 3 years ago for a managers position in the service industry. Going into the job the one thing you have to be okay with is working on Holidays. Last year however, I was promised to be the first manager cut (my shift was supposed to end around 8) considering I worked both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was extremely excited about being able to finally go out and celebrate with all my friends. I typically had to close every night so going out wasn't always something that easily happened all the time. I had an amazing outfit and a great bottle of champagne waiting for me when I got home to get ready with. Perfect right? Not so perfect - The dinner shift was starting I was making things happen at work so I can get out in time. The night was going smooth with no foreseeable problem in the near future. The GM finally came up to me and said my shift was soon ending. I had the biggest smile on my face. I packed up my stuff to get going the GM came back to me and said before I go I had to take the new dishwasher to the hospital and get him drug tested because they thought he was drunk and on drugs. NOT so perfect. I thought OK, I'll take him and still will have plenty of time to get ready and go out. The uncomfortable car ride to the hospital around 8pm (my closing time) turned into hours of uncomfortableness as we waited to get called in. Clearly the nurse had no idea what plans I had that evening or the dishwasher for that matter. It was a good thing the dishwasher tested positive for drugs and that his alcohol level was what mine should have been at, or I would have left and made the GM come pick him up. My New Years in Milwaukee and I watched the ball drop in the emergency waiting room with an inebriated random employee I barely even knew. That is the history of my New Years. I cannot spend another New Years working, cleaning dishes, or in a hospital. I've loved living in Milwaukee and I want to make this year really count. Please make this New Years special for me. It's my last one in Milwaukee. This is the only venue I want to go to and by the time I found out tickets were already sold out. Please, I don't want to be disappointed again.