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Post: Explorations at F. Mayer Boot and Shoe Co.
Address please.
Post: Eater.com Names Milwaukee's Dining Hot List
Hilarious choices for the most part.
Post: What if the Brewers had Left Milwaukee?
Ah, if only. If only Bud Selig hadn't been so greedy with the taxpayers ,money and had put Miller Park downtown where it spurred development and created so many jobs Milwaukee was the envy of Charlotte.
Post: Can Tammy Baldwin Win?
I'm one Southsider that will not forget "Here's your chance to stick it to MIlwaukee" I will remind any of my friends if they consider voting for Tommy. Let's not forget Tommy's slurring speech at the Super Bowl celebration (and hope he wasn't driving) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TmtP82EjE8 That is just pathetic and disgraceful. Aaad two words we'll hear again and again- Nick Hurtgen.Tommy's ship has sailed, my grandparents have both passed away, so who is his base?
Post: Mazos Hamburgers
Ok, Mazo's is one of my two favorite Milwaukee hamburgers (Nite Owl, the other) but what I want to know how did you get that overhead shot of the table?