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At the ripe age of 12, award-winning writer and aspiring filmmaker Mack Bates announced that he wanted to be “the black Peter Jennings.” This followed his earlier desire to be an astronaut and a cowboy. He’s sat through SpaceCamp more times than he cares to share, and thanks to his tenure as a boy scout, has lassoed a steer or two. Journalism indeed beckoned, and Mack has written for a variety of publications and outlets since high school.

Post: If We Were Members of the Academy: 2014 Edition, Part 4
Replying to: C. Chan
I stand corrected, C. Chan is correct. Wallace Beery and Fedric March did tie for the 1931/1932 best actor Oscar. However, March won the popular vote by one vote. At that time in the Academy's history, a tie was declared in a category if the vote came within three, a rule that changed sometime in the 1940s.
Post: From Bueller to Stand By Me
Replying to: Noodle
"Ghost World" nearly made the cut. Regarding "The Virgin Suicides", I've yet to see it. I've heard nothing but great things about it over the years from people who've seen the film. I definitely have to get around to checking it out for myself to see if it lives up to the hype.