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Post: Rockotlan Gives Heavy Metal a Home
I heard an interesting story on RadioLab during which it was revealed that translators aren't actually entirely certain what the middle number in the "6x6" configuration is. It could be a one, thus making Grand Rapids, MI the devil's breeding ground (as if we didn't already suspect).
Post: Walters’ On North
Their burgers are good, but the steak sandwich is to die for. Also, don't miss taco Thursday!
Post: Chili Challenged
Whoa, Groupon has already issued my refund. Still sad to see Chili Lili's close, of course.
Post: Chili Challenged
Great, now I have a completely useless Groupon that I spent $20 on. We were holding it til a friend arrives from California (this weekend, as a matter of fact). We loved CL's and will miss it. And our $20, of course.