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Post: Belle Époque
I think Ann got it VERY right. I had dinner there with my husband & son & we all agreed we would not go back. Too many dishes missed the mark in many ways not just on flavor but on execution also. I had the fois gras with the rhubarb gel & we could barely scrape the gel off the plate. Then my lamb which was done sous vide, was flavorless. It just tasted like a piece of dead meat. A dessert we ordered which was supposed to come with "merengue" had a thin, & I mean thin, like if you scraped it off the plate you might end up with a half tsp. of it, and a few macerated strawberries, & some puff pastry all for $9. It was a joke of a dessert. I am all for supporting "local" restaurants but there are too many good ones to waste the money on this one. It's too bad because we all loved the design of the place. Great atmosphere. I also love the fact that the chef uses local purveyors & ingredients but the food at this point just doesn't cut it for me & the rest of my family.