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Post: Criminally Catchy
Funny article on a group I couldn't have dreamed existed [here or anywhere]. But now I'm "google-ing" their next venue--thanks for this piece and sample of the band's humor. We go to the underrated Miramar but we missed these guys; too bad, sounds like it was outrageous.
Post: Congresswoman Gwen Moore + Stephen Colbert = Must See Milwaukee TV
Maybe because I've seen Gwen Moore in other Interview situations, maybe because I am a blindly loyal Colbert follower, maybe because this duo was just "meant to be" -- but this is one of the better (best?) sparring matches I've seen on a Colbert Report. And, oh yes, you have to watch the Harley bit and you'll never look at Congresswoman Moore the same way again.
Post: A Diener Family Affair
As a long-time fan of high school & college basketball I enjoyed this piece on the aptly dubbed "Diener Dynasty". Nice to read about the national success of Milwaukee's own Stritch as a change from the usual March Madness hyper-coverage.
Post: Epidemic on the Down-Low
This article is illuminating as well as profoundly moving. I had no idea of the pervasive presence of HIV/AIDS in our community. Keeping it on the "Down-Low" accelerates the AIDS' deadly spread right under the noses of those of us who believe this disease is under check and being adequately addressed. Kudos to Jimmy Carlton & Milwaukee Mag for bringing me up short & putting a face on this plague in my hometown.
Post: Pride + Prejudice
Being rather new to Milwaukee--from San Francisco--I was very pleased to come across this piece on PrideFest and the LGBT community in June's Milwaukee Magazine. Didn't expect the level of scrutiny and transparency I read herein. The photos were excellent as well.