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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
Ever seen the Hangover? Yea, that's how my most epic New Years went. My roomate and I say that we lost our lives that night. It was a night I wish we both could forget, but neither of us slept before work the next morning and it's difficult trying to forget something when you can't remember it in the first place. We spent a week putting the pieces of our lives back together. I parked my car, leaving all my keys except my car key inside. As it was a very busy night, I should have planned ahead and made note of where I was parking. The night started very fun, but fast spiraled downhill. At one point, I lost my phone and ventured away from my roomate to find it; with no way of contacting her to see where she was. In the meantime, she had her camera thrown from her hands and broken on the dance floor, never to find it again. After we stumbled upon each other, we got kicked out of a bar for someone starting a fight with my friend. I lost my wallet, so I didn't have an ID to get back in after midnight and couldn't buy any drunk food. The whole night is sort of foggy, but this is where I don't really understand what happened. We couldn't find my car, therefore I didn't have keys to my apartment/house. By the time we walked back to my place, I had to build a pile from tables, chairs and boxes in order to break in through my second story window. As it was already 5 or 6am when I got a quick catnap before waking up for work at a polar bear plunge. I had to call my boss for a ride to work, obviously not sober. The next day, I found my car and called a locksmith to break in. Additionally, I lucked out and was messaged on Facebook with the whereabouts of my wallet (found miles away from the potential lost location) and received it with money still in it! So phoneless, cameraless, carless, keyless, walletless and at some point friendless, my NYE turned into a very interesting and un-memorable evening. I'd like to win these tickets so that I can bring my friend to the NYE MKE party and celebrate a better year with my favorite long-term roomie. Maybe in a controlled environment, we will make it a better night :) Thank you!