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Post: Win Tickets to NEWaukee's New Year's Eve Party!
My most epic New Years was waiting tables in a restaurant till after midnight. Going out would be a welcomed change of pace.
Post: Sandwich on the Go
His banh mi is so good. Wish he'd come back to the Third Ward more often.
Post: Pork Belly Incarnation
Sad to hear they've closed.
Post: Free Summerfest Tickets
About 3 years ago at the Miller Lite Oasis. All of my college friends got together to see Jack's Mannequin. We camped out for most of the day to make sure we got good seats. It was a blast and we had like 15 people there. Always fun to be at a concert when all your friends.
Post: Want to see Source Code?
The movie looks pretty sweet. I would love to see it.