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Post: Best Pizza of 2013
Replying to: ActionAl
The Top 5 will be announced on Monday, July 1.
Post: Win Tickets to Summerfest!
Replying to: tayluse
Hi Tayluse, The link is working for us. If you continue to have problems, please email abby.callard@milwaukeemag.com.
Post: An Irish Toast
Hi Noodle, Paddy's Pub was in the article, but the write-up was accidentally excluded when the article was uploaded online. It did appear in print. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The article has been updated.
Post: The Perks of Perspective
Replying to: Lydia James
Hi Lydia. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The post has been updated.
Post: January Photo Contest Finalists
Replying to: gloriosos
Thanks for sharing your favorite. You can vote on the top right of this page.
Post: Announcing Our Next Bar Time Bloggers
Thanks for your comment. The public vote was one of the things taken into consideration when picking the winners. The Milwaukee Magazine staff had the final say.
Post: Destroyer's Follies
Thanks for your comment, Jeff. I certainly think the venue played into the loss of subtlety in the show.